From the BCN Archives: Hear Me With Your Good Ear! Persistently Pursuing Your Passions On Purpose

By: E. Cornell

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Oftentimes I am asked how I'm able to live such an abundant life. Many are amazed at how my life seems to be going. I, in turn, tell them that it's nothing but the gift called passion. It's because of the constant pursuit of my passion, that I am able to rise above any circumstance that tries to intervene with my right to succeed. I am truly thankful to have experienced both the highs and lows of life, I've grown through both, and in the end, I always come out on top.

Persistence is key when working towards any goal in life. The doors of opportunity that I've been afforded to walk through and my divine connection (that's just me) that I've encountered, have been nothing short of amazing! Now, this is what I need you to understand and listen to: "No one can live your life for you!" Did you hear that? What that means is that you can’t look at someone else’s life and say, “I want that" and never take any steps, other than saying what you want. You have to want success so much for yourself that you attack it with everything that you’ve got. You gotta taste it!

Pursuing Purpose

My success did not come on a silver platter or by tip-toeing through a bed of roses. There have been many sacrifices, even near death experiences, that were made in order for me to be in the place that I'm blessed to stand in today. Remember the highs and lows that I mentioned to you earlier? Well, those were met with pain and degradation, as I was at the receiving end of verbal abuse and unnecessary hatred.

Through it all, I persevered. I made a declaration (to myself and aloud) many years ago that I am successful, no matter the price. I definitely received it, but the price was VERY high! Success does not come without its challenges. You will be met with opposition from other people, even those closest to you, that will speak ill of you and even resent your new found success. How you respond to those oppositions is important to the altitude of your achievements. Lashing out only tarnishes your character and stifles your potential for elevation. You must mature in your decision making and make the wise choice of not allowing the opinions of others to validate who you are or will be.

The first step to living a successful life is to permanently remove ALL negativity from your life. Did you hear that? If you didn't then place your hand on your chest so that you can hear me with your good ear (your heart)!

"NEGATIVITY is the ultimate hindrance to your success!!!!" I hope you heard it that time (smile). Love yourself enough to say, "This is what I want and this is the process to get there." Outline your goals and the plans that will make your dream a reality. If you know what you’re currently doing will take you where you want to go, at some point, there has to be a decision to cut the unnecessary out of your life.

Get All of Your Stuff!

Stop allowing everything you see, from TV to social media, to sway you. Just because you see a “suddenly" happen for someone else, does not mean they didn't have any hurdles to jump. We won't always see the real behind the scene struggles that allowed them to get to that point of success. You too can accomplish and establish anything as long as you’re consistent and passionate in your work, but you must be active and go get it!

The Momentum of Frustration

Another success nugget is to allow your frustration to become the momentum that pushes you into the area of your passions. Why? I'm glad that you asked. When you are fed up with junky and sometimes just plain ole tiring persons, places, and/or things (I call them life's irritating nouns) it creates a flame that will ignite your creativity. Did you catch that?

Your frustration causes you to think outside of where you currently are. It causes you to want a change in position. This is where persistence is bred--in the flame of your desires. You must persistently pursue your passions on purpose. Don’t get comfortable with where you are. See the vision, make it plain, and then soar with it!

The question you should ask yourself mirror-to-face is "Am I where I want to be?" If the answer is: "uh, probably absolutely not," then start strategizing on where you would like it to be and then execute your plan of action. Am I in a better place than where I’ve been? I absolutely am. Is it going to get better? It absolutely is.

As I frequently say in closing, "Be good to you. You’re the only YOU you’ll ever have". YOU are worth your tomorrow!

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E. Cornell 

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