How To Deal With Negative Co-Workers


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Being a stylist can be fun and extremely rewarding, especially if you are passionate about your job. It is a creative, expressive and positively challenging career that can help you grow professionally and personally.


But like all other jobs, you will have to deal with negative co-workers in your workspace. Have you been feeling extremely uncomfortable around such people? Have their words or actions affected your work? If so, then it is probably time that you do something about the whole situation. Here are the most effective and practical ways that you can deal with negative co-workers.


Understand that you are not in control of their negative behavior

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot control such people’s negativity. You are not the reason for it, and you probably cannot just help them stop being so negative all of a sudden. The smartest move is to simply withdraw yourself from them so that their complaints or gossip do not reach you.


Know that every action does not need a reaction

You should understand that not every action needs a reaction. Sometimes, it’s wiser to just leave people alone with their negativity or drama, and not involve yourself. Carefully consider the situation, and if it does not personally involve you or the work that you do, it’s probably not worth your time and energy. Even if it does involve you, sometimes, it’s still better to stay out of anything negative. Learn to choose your battles wisely.


Try to stay out of workspace politics

Most negative co-workers will start or spread rumors, and gossip at every opportunity, even during work hours. This will only bring about a ton of office or workspace politics and you certainly don’t want to be involved in such things. The best way to avoid office drama and politics is to stay away from those who start it in the first place – negative co-workers. For example, if people come up to you and start gossiping about other colleagues or supervisors, you can politely tell them that you do not wish to be involved in such things.


Make sure that you are not over-thinking

This is much easier said than done. But it is also very effective. You really do not get anything from over-analyzing and over-thinking about the words and actions of negative people. It’s just a waste of your precious time and energy. As mentioned before, you cannot control such people’s behavior and you should know that it’s not a personal issue they have with you. So, don’t waste your time and energy trying to understand such co-worker’s negativity; you probably won’t be able to.


Avoid negative people and spend more time with positive people

The best way to deal with negative co-workers is to simply avoid them. Don’t hang out with them, don’t talk to them unless necessary, keep physical as well as mental distance. Instead, spend more time with the positive people in your work place. Such positive people will help you feel more focused, energized and satisfied with your job.


Just focus on yourself and your work

Remember that you are working for yourself and no one else should have the right to stop you from doing the best work possible and in the process, enjoy your work too. Being a stylist should be fun, creative and rewarding, and you shouldn’t have to spend your time at work worrying about a co-worker’s negativity. Instead, just try to tune out all negativity and focus on yourself and your work.


If all else fails, approach management maturely

Firstly, remember that it’s smarter to try to just handle things on your own before approaching the management. Even in the case of a negative worker, try all the above steps to stay away from them. But if they fail, and their negativity is seriously affecting you personally and professionally, maybe it’s time to take matters to the authorities in a mature manner.


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