How to Increase Salon Sales

By: Keune Haircosmetics North America

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Retail sales can be a challenge, even for the most experienced stylist. Whether it is the beginning of the year, the month, or the week – instituting new sales tactics in the salon is the best way to reenergize stylists for the season ahead.


The best way to drive sales is to develop a trusting relationship between you and your client, so education is key. For a few key tips to increase salon sales keep reading!


Start With an In-Depth Consultation


All too often, stylists skip the consultation, especially for repeat clients. However, anyone can agree that starting an appointment with an in-depth consultation can be strategic to ending the appointment with a salon sale. No matter if you are performing a cut, color, a styling service, or simply a bang trim, whenever there is a client in your chair you should always be thinking about sales.


Asking your clients probing questions provides insight that can help you suggest go-to hair products to address hair concerns. Ask them questions about themselves, i.e. what they feel is missing from their current style or what their current styling routine looks like. Determining what they usually rely on – like skipping conditioner or dry shampoo for volume - will give you a perfect “in” for suggesting alternate product options for the desired outcome.


Timing is Vital


There is no doubt about it. When clients get in your chair, they are looking to talk –sometimes to you and sometimes to their friends. They consider salon appointments “me time,” so sometimes they will be zoned out on their phone or nuzzled in a magazine. However, if they are in a chatty mood, keep them talking and then ask them the necessary product questions.


If they are relaxing or on the phone, avoid talking about products until you know you have their undivided attention. This is exactly why chatting with them at the shampoo bowl is the perfect opportunity. They are automatically in a relaxed state of mind; they (hopefully) aren’t on their phone and you can talk to them about the product as you are literally placing it on their scalp.


Placement, Placement, Placement


It is not only about how and when you talk about the product, placing the product in their hands or on your station gives a full, multi-sensory experience. For example, if you are applying oil to their hair before blow drying, stand in front of them apply a few drops to your hand and ask them to hold the bottle for you. Let them open it, smell the product and even place a drop of it on their hands so they can feel, smell, and experience it for themselves.


Use It!


Take a step back and think about your process. You would be surprised, but most times when stylists are trying to sell a certain product they may forget to incorporate it into the service. Want a client to understand how much a product can do for them? Use it on them! From giving them a complimentary deep conditioning treatment to using a few extra finishing stylers, give them something they will remember even when they aren’t in your chair.


Walk Them Out


Leaving the product at the front desk for them when they check out is one option, but personally walking your client up to the front will go much further. You should also give them alternatives. Give a few options and them pick the hero product that will truly change their style.



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