How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back to You

By: Monet Colbert

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The biggest asset of a business is its clients. However, with the number of options at a client’s disposal and increasing competition in the business world, retention has become more difficult.

Typical retention strategies, such as providing great customer service or sending them gift cards, are still important but no longer do the trick alone. They definitely serve a purpose but are not always enough to keep clients coming back. Businesses are now required to do more by finding creative ways to satisfy a client’s long-term needs.

Here are some innovative and tested ways that can help you with client retention. Have a look:

Know Your Regular Clients & Target Them with Special Offers

Knowing who your regular clients are and offering them specials will let them know that you care about their business, which will prove to be a compelling reason for them to pre-book or return for future services.

For example, if you're in the beauty industry, target your clients by offering them the services that they regularly receive by you. However, maybe on their fifth visit for the same service, offer them a reduced price.

Personalized Follow-Ups to the Rescue

Everyone is aware of the effectiveness of follow-up services. Hence, many brands now offer them through survey emails in hopes of receiving a positive review. You can go above and beyond the set standards and offer personalized follow-ups for better results, adding individuality to your business and helping you to retain your client just with one simple phone call. Not to mention, this could be the ideal time to ask them if they have a friend they would like to extend your new client special offer to on their behalf.

Surprise Them

Who doesn’t love surprises? You can add an element of surprise and lure in your old clients to offer your services. It could be anything such as a massive discount on any of the services they prefer or any other offer.

Be sure to do this in a subtle manner. Customers are smart and keenly aware of the gimmicks used by brands to lure them in. Therefore, be genuine about your motive when surprising them and surprise them with the intention of providing VALUE.

Urge Them to Compliment

A compliment about the services you provide can prove to be a blessing regardless of the social platform. It can also help to identify weak areas of your business and turn them into your strengths just by asking your clients to share what they didn’t particularly like about your service (through a survey, NOT on a public platform). This will let your client know that you care about the good and the bad and that you are willing to learn from your mistakes. This can also prove to be a compelling reason for them to return again.

A Final Word

To sum it up, client retention is vital for every business. By following the ways discussed above, you can keep your clients coming back to you and grow your business by leaps and bounds.


About the author: 


Monet Colbert is an entrepreneur and beauty professional with the passion to help others find their destiny in the beauty industry. As a former educator for the L'Oreal brands, Redken & Pureology, makeup artist, hair stylist, fitness competitor, model, writer, actress, wife, and mother of two, Monet packs an entrepreneurial punch to the beauty business as a brand strategist. 


Her career in the cosmetology industry has made her an expert in hair care and makeup. Her journey up the ladder gave birth to her motivational book, “Shear Destiny.” She has also created her own cosmetics line called “Shades of Monet,” which represents all the shades of the color palette that we experience in life's journey. Monet believes that it's a natural part of the cosmetology industry to focus on external beauty. However, Monet shows how determination, persistence, and faith can be a testament to how beauty can really be defined from the inside out. 


Focused on creating a motivational brand with purpose, not just profits, Monet's mission is to use her brands, social markets, and relationships to bring awareness to human trafficking, a subject matter that’s close to her heart. Full of life, determination, and passion, these are the many Shades of Monet. The question is... which Shades of Monet are you?


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