How to Notify Employees of Salon Closing

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It’s always hard to close your salon and walk away from something you’ve worked so hard on. What makes it even more difficult is telling your loyal employees that they’ll soon be out of a job. How should you to tell them of this change?

Like any business separation, you should notify your staff within a timely manner and try to help them find employment somewhere else. The worst thing you could do is wait until the last minute to announce that you’re closing and only give minimal effort to helping them find somewhere else to work.

At least two weeks before you’re set to close take your team to a local restaurant. Tell them the situation and why you’re closing. Let them know that you’re going to do everything you can to help them in this transition.

You should expect your team to start looking somewhere else immediately. Don’t take it personal. The job search is a long and difficult process and the quicker they get started on it, the better. So if you need your team to stay until the last day, think carefully about when you tell them. Or ask them would they be willingly to stay until the salon closes.

Another option is to give your team the opportunity to buy the salon from you. Even if they don’t have the money upfront, talk to your CPA or another business expert about different ways they could finance this purchase. You’ll never know if your team is able to buy unless you ask.

Ultimately, the key to success in this situation is honesty. You want you and your team to part ways in the best position possible and your leadership will determine how that happens. Give them plenty of notice and help when you can. And always keep in mind that it’s their livelihood at stake here as well as your own. Be understanding.

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