How to quit a job By Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy

By: Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy

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Your first job will not be your last job.  When it is time to move on how you quit is more important than how you got hired.  It is a small world and a tight industry.  If you quit properly it says more about you than the work you did on the job.  Here are my top five tips for quitting properly, with style and class.


Be sure – Are you sure you need to go?  Speak with your boss.  Share your feelings and concerns in a private one-on-one meeting. Discuss your challenges.  If you are a valued team member and the job was really right the owner or manager just might fight to get you happy and keep you there.  It might be well worth the discussion.


Give 2 weeks – Two week notice is the professional thing to do in any job.  The boss might not accept it.  They might set you loose immediately. That is their choice, but it important that YOU do the right thing.


Stay positive – Go out like you came in, as a professional.  If you participate in an exit interview you should speak truthfully, but stick to positive comments and reflections.  Take the high road.  You never know what paths will cross in the future.


Leave client info – Clients belong to the business.  Do not attempt to take client information with you.  If you are good and people like you, you will quickly build business wherever you go.  This is the number one mistake that haircutters make and it has killed careers and relationships.  It can land you in court.  You can get sued, or worse charged with a crime.


Ask for a reference – If you quit like a pro you can ask for a reference on the way out the door.  Employers understand that people move on for many valid reasons.  Good employers will hold no malice or ill will and be happy to see you grow and succeed in your next chapter.  Ask for a reference.  If they refuse to provide one that just might be a learning experience for you.  Why are they not willing to say a few good things?  Were you an employee about which they had a bunch of great things to say?  Life moves on.  On to the next chapter.  

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