By: Rachel Carpenter

We’ve talked a great deal about being assertive this month but one side of this trait we haven’t talked about is being assertive with yourself. Having inner-assertiveness is holding yourself accountable and being firm in doing so. This can be in accomplishing the goals you make for yourself or maybe in developing self-control. Being assertive with yourself is looking in the mirror and reminding yourself that the goals and plans you are passionate about cannot fall to the wayside- you must prioritize them. But how do we develop this inner assertiveness? Below are a few tips!

Get a Planner

Getting a planner makes it much easier to hold yourself accountable. Writing down all of the things that you want to accomplish in a given amount of time keeps those goals in one place and provides you with a physical record of whether or not you accomplish them. There is no better feeling than crossing off all of your tasks, and being able to rest knowing that you have had a productive day. Not having a planner can lead to a feeling of constant chaos. It’s hard to be assertive with yourself when you can’t keep all that you want to do at the front of mind. 

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Oftentimes it can be nice to pat yourself on the back for getting a few things done, not taking into consideration the things you didn’t do. It’s great to be confident and proud of yourself for all that you’ve gotten done, but having inner-assertiveness is not being satisfied with the bare minimum. Never push yourself to your breaking point but be diligent and determined towards your long-term goals, not just the short-term. 

Surround Yourself with Encouragers

It’s easy to be satisfied with the bare minimum when you don’t have people in your life encouraging you and pushing you towards your best. Some of our friends and family members can serve us as accountability partners, showing us how much we can do if we set our mind to accomplishing it. Having friends that see you not living up to your full potential and encourage you to do better are friends that have your best interest at heart. Having people to instill these qualities in you grow your inner-assertiveness. 

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