Dealing with the Littlest (and Sometimes Most Troublesome) Clients

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Everybody knows that kids can be difficult, and perhaps, as a beauty professional, you have experienced it first-hand. If you have had a child client in your salon, then chances are they were not easy to handle. Kids are likely to scream, cry, kick, wiggle or throw tantrums when they are forced to do something they don’t like and sitting in a salon chair for a long time is something they don’t want to do.

So, how do you deal with child clients in your salon? How do you give them a proper haircut or any other treatment without them creating a fuss? Here are a few tips that may be able to help you.

·      Keep toys and snacks handy

Bribing kids into behaving can be extremely useful. For this, you need to offer them something they would want in exchange for them to sit still, and what do all kids like? Toys and delicious snacks! Keep a few candies, chocolates, and toys ready in your salon for child clients. These are great for keeping them distracted while you do what you have to do.

You can even start a conversation with them, asking them about the school, their friends, which activities they like to do, etc. This will help make sure that their mind is engaged in something else while you work on them.

·      Ask the parents to bring snacks/toys the kids are familiar with

Even if you keep toys and snacks with you, there is no guarantee that kids will like them. Some kids may have their preferences, so it’s always the best and safer option to ask the parents to bring their children's toys or snacks that they know they like. Besides, some kids may have certain allergies, so it's best to play it safe and ask parents to bring snacks, drinks, and toys from their own homes.

If the parents agree, the kids can even be given a tablet or a phone, so they can watch something while they sit on the chair. This is a great way to keep them distracted.

·      Have a small play area in your salon

Having a play area for kids can make a huge difference in your salon. When you have child clients, even if they have to wait for their turn, they can spend their time in the play corner with other kids. This means that you won't have to deal with kids who are crying or throwing a tantrum because they are bored of waiting for their turn.

Also, if you tend to have lots of clients who come in with their kids, a play area is a great solution. It keeps the kids distracted while the parents can enjoy their treatment.

·      Make sure you provide necessary instructions to the parents

To keep the child’s treatment as short as possible without compromising on the quality of treatment and result, one thing you can do is send necessary instructions to parents a day or two before the appointment. For instance, you can ask them to wash and blow-dry the hair beforehand, or ask them to send pictures so you can decide the best treatment option for them. Most of all, remind them to be on time and not be late.

·      Remember to be patient

When dealing with child clients, you have to remember to be patient. Know that kids will be kids, and you can’t expect them to behave like adult clients. It also helps to know that every child is different and they have different ways of reacting to things they don’t like. Take the time to understand them so you can make sure their needs are catered to.




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