Know Your Career Mission

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You shouldn’t start your career not having a general idea of where you’re going. You don’t have to have every step mapped before state board, but without a general career mission you’ll spend a lot of time spinning your wheels without really going anywhere.

The Idea

What is your biggest career goal? This is the big picture idea that should be the starting place for planning your career. For a lot of professionals, this goal is business ownership. For others it’s becoming a platform artist or other top industry professional. Whatever your goal is keep it in mind when making all your career choices.

Plan It Out

From that one big picture idea, you can then start planning the smaller moves it’ll take to make your mission happen. If you’re not sure where to start look at the career of someone who’s already made it. Find that person and ask if they’d be interested in having a meeting with you to discuss their career. Where did they start, how long did they stay in each position before they moved on, what tips would they give someone just starting out? With this advice you’re ready to start planning your first move.

Be Flexible

When you’re creating your career mission, keep in mind that nothing goes 100% the way we want. It’s up to you to be flexible in your career and adapt to whatever comes your way. When life throws you curveballs, find a way to fit that into your overall mission. Keeping an open mind will allow you to make the best out of any career opportunity.

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