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By: Daniel Bruce Levin

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We live in the most connected time the world has ever known, and yet so many of us feel isolated and alone.  We search the internet and find people posting their happiest moments. It makes us wonder if we are the only ones who have bad moments and we ask why our lives can’t be like theirs.  That just makes us feel more disconnected and more unhappy and alone and isolated.

In this world of constant postings (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), we know way too much about others and not nearly enough about ourselves.  As a consequence, we feel disconnected from ourselves, our source, our purpose, and, of course, each other. In the interactions we do have, we tend to talk a lot but only listen a little.  We are living life fast and, all too often, feel like life is passing us by. Very few of us take the time to just be with another person and listen. More and more, it drives us to a place of feeling isolated and alone.

All of this creates an unprecedented opportunity for people in the salon industry to really impact the lives of their clients. For those who understand and embrace the power of connection, the future opens up for them.  

A study in Forbes Magazine found that it’s not the people that are the best qualified who get the job or succeed in the job they have, but rather the people who are able to connect well with others that hold an overwhelming advantage.  Of course, the quality of your work has to be great, but what they found in the study is that those who had the ability to connect more deeply with their clients were perceived to have done a better job.

The currency of the new paradigm is connection and the most sought after commodity is a person’s time.  The desire to connect has never been stronger. We seek it in our intimate relationships, in our friendships, and in the places where we do business. When we feel connected to a person, we travel longer distances, pay more money, and feel happier about the results.

Looking to find a great job? By connecting with the culture of a company and with the person doing the interview, your chances of landing the job will increase substantially.  Want to stand out in the marketplace? Become someone people trust.  When you take the time to do the small things that build connection and grow these connections over time, I can almost guarantee that you will be the most sought after person in the salon.  In a world where it is becoming harder and harder to find people who really care, you will stand out.

None of what I am saying here is revolutionary or new, but rather it is simple and makes sense.  What is new is when we find someone who LIVES IT. We all know what we “should do”, but for some reason we do not do it consistently. 

About the Author:

The Mosaic is a beautiful fable; its characters are archetypes whose stories reveal the obstacles that stand in our way and the simple strategies to help us to connect more deeply to one another.

Daniel Bruce Levin is a connectivity expert who has worked with government officials, businesses and corporations, and thousands of individuals to help them connect more deeply to their lives.  He is the author of just released book, The Mosaic, available on HERE.

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