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What does your personal style say about you? In this industry it’s critical that you give off a professional image at all times. You never know when you’ll find yourself in front of potential clients or salon owners. So what should your style say? You want to find the right balance between expressing yourself and still staying professional. That can be difficult to do when your closet is mostly black for work. But using these tips you should be able to find the look that’s right for you.

• Have quality staple pieces. If you find yourself wearing black most days for work, make sure the clothes are great quality. That doesn’t mean they have to be designer, just make sure they’re tailored to fit you.

• Express yourself through accessories. Make your black uniform interesting with cool earrings or bracelets. Show more about your interests with accessories that relate to what you’re interested in.

• Make your face the star. The benefit of wearing all black is that people will spend more time focusing on your face. Use that to show off your great hair and make up skills.

• Stand out in your down time by really showing your personality. When you’re off the clock use that time to really enjoy fashion.

• Don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion. Especially with shoes. You’re on your feet the majority of the day. Keep your overall health in mind when choosing your outfit.

Because you’re in the beauty and wellness industry, that means you have to look presentable at all times. Clients are trusting you with their image, so yours has to reflect quality even on your worst days. You’ll get and keep more clients when your image says that you’re confident and capable of handling their needs.

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