Making the Most of Your Training Dollars – Things to Consider Before You Book a Class

By: Lauren Whitaker, BCN Communications

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Given the growing competition across the professional beauty industry, staying “in the know” with the latest technologies and trends in the market has become absolutely essential for success in your career. Ongoing education and training are “must do” investments to help you understand the evolving needs of your clients and stay relevant in the business.

It’s a jungle out there - a seemingly endless offering of online learning programs, on-site training courses, and webinars that promise to enhance your knowledge and awareness about the salon business. However, not all courses may prove worthy of the money you end up spending on them.

Because you want to make the most of your training dollars and your time, consider these tips before you book:

Chat with Your Network

Ask your fellow industry professionals what trainings they’ve attended and what they would recommend. Check out online reviews and testimonials to determine if a course that you’re considering seems like it would be a good fit for your needs. Connect with an industry-specific private group on social media (Facebook has many active hair stylists groups) and pose the question to your virtual community.

Analyze the Learning Environment

Another important thing to look for before signing up for a training program is the type of environment that training would take place. For instance, if you are opting for an onsite training program, schedule a tour and take a look around first. Is it a positive environment with motivated and qualified trainers who are willing to go the extra mile in helping their students?

Alternatively, if you are looking to sign up for an online program, what’s included? Are you provided with adequate study material and special interactive sessions where you can ask questions and get clarification when you need a bit more information?

Check Out the Course Module

Most reputable training companies and institutes have pre-defined, structured learning programs and provide comprehensive details within the course module, covering the standard aspects of the chosen program and providing a well-rounded syllabus geared to help you better understand the industry and learn new, relevant skills. Before enrolling in a learning program, be certain to check out the course module and that it aligns with your needs and requirements.

Opt for a Course with Flexibility

If you are already employed as a salon stylist or beauty expert, chances are that you are pretty busy working long hours to take care of your guests. Registering for a training program while also juggling a demanding work schedule can be quite a challenge.

As such, self-guided, online training may be something to consider, allowing you to focus on learning when it’s convenient for you. You can opt for offline weekend classes or online programs that allow you the flexibility to study late in the night or the middle of the day, according to your changing shift timings.

Harness Your Motivation

Education is not cheap, requiring an investment of your money, time, and focus. You must have the motivation to put in additional hours of work to complete the lessons even after you have spent an entire day on your toes at the salon. You need to be driven and passionate about learning new things or else your investments are wasted.

If you are unable to find the motivation within you, rally your friends, family, fellow stylists, or your mentor for support. The fact that you are already considering enrolling in an advanced learning program indicates that you see the value of growing your expertise.

Do thorough research to find training that fits your needs, your schedule, and your learning style. Make the commitment and enjoy the learning process. The long-term benefits of becoming even better at your craft far outweigh the short-term sacrifices.

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