Managing a Career: Pandemic Edition

By: Rachel Carpenter

2020 has been a weird year for all of us, especially for those of us in the beauty industry. Many of our lives, and careers in particular, seemed to pause while the world around us only seemed to spin faster. It’s safe to say, COVID-19 is a trying time for us all! In a time where we are all wondering how to stay safe, while still balancing and managing a career, success in the beauty and wellness industry can seem almost impossible. But even if the work environment you’re used to doesn’t feel possible, we must adjust to this ‘new normal’ and still pursue success, even if it looks slightly different. 

But how do we pursue this success? Can we achieve our career goals, even in this digital landscape? Here are a few tips to managing your career, even amidst COVID-19:

  • Take ALL Digital Opportunities Thrown at You!

Opportunities may not be coming as fast as they seemed to be just a few months ago but digital opportunities are still coming your way. Beauty Cast Network alone is putting out SO many career development resources such as webinars, industry spotlights, articles and more! This time, though weird, is not an excuse to no longer grow. Career management is about taking control of your career, no matter what is thrown at you or how poor the circumstances seem. Grip onto the opportunities you get, from online skill development classes to online career fairs, and see how far this can take you!

  • Stay Positive

Staying excited about the opportunities you still have and keeping a good attitude despite those that you don’t is key to good career management. Getting down about what we may not be able to do or the experiences we won’t get to have is pointless. It keeps you stagnant rather than allowing you to grow. Thinking about what is possible rather than impossible is a great way to move forward. Positivity may seem kind of silly, but amidst all of the negativity surrounding us it can make a huge difference in your success!

  • Stay Engaged

There’s a quote I try to live by: ‘If you stay ready, you never have to get ready’. Staying on your feet during the pandemic, by constantly checking your email for newsletters and events that you might be interested in, keeping up with your school work, and staying up to date on trends are all great ways to stay engaged in your career path, even when you can’t be IN your work environment!

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