Marketing Techniques Can Take You to the TOP!

By: Rachel Carpenter

There’s a new word in our day-and-age that defines competitiveness in professional industries- MARKETING. The way an individual or company brands and markets itself can make a huge difference, and really set them apart from their competitors. There are many elements to good marketing and keeping up with all of them keeps you at the top of your game! When it comes to the beauty industry we’re all about being creative, unique and trend-setting in our work. What about bringing our strengths to the business side of beauty!


There are a few tips to marketing yourself that are sure-fire ways to create the perfect image and brand you are looking for. Using high-quality imaging, keeping a common color scheme and logo, being proficient on multiple social media platforms and keeping up with marketing trends can really set you apart from others in your area!


  • First, there is the use of high-quality imaging. Investing in a smart-phone, camera, or photographer that can photograph your company in the way that you want others to see it can make a huge difference. The use of high-quality photos gives your business a more transparent feel- as though you have nothing to hide and want potential clients to see EVERYTHING you have to offer. Taking great before-and-after photos of your work, showcasing what your business looks like on the inside or providing a face to a name with photos of yourself and your co-workers or employees gives people something to look at with your work. Something that other individuals or businesses may not offer. 


  • A major component of branding is a common color scheme and logo. Hiring a graphic designer or marketing specialist can be a great way to accomplish this, or it is possible to do it yourself! There are many different platforms to create logos and graphics and with enough research, it is possible to do it on your own! Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and ProCreate are all fabulous applications to get this started! A color scheme and logo makes your business and work feel more cohesive and personal- more YOURS! Using these tools for marketing gives your work a personal identity for clients- somewhere they would choose to go, rather than a business or individual who doesn’t use these techniques!


  • Third, a great way to market yourself is taking advantage of multiple online platforms. Adults tend to use Facebook more, while younger generations are more apt to be Instagram and Twitter proficient. LinkedIn is a great way to link with potential employers or businesses. Using all of these to market yourself to different types of people on different platforms gives you a  broader audience- more people are noticing and interacting with your pages with the more you have! While managing these various accounts may seem tedious, it can make a huge difference in how others see your business and keep you more competitive than others who isolate themselves to one network!


  • Finally, keeping up with marketing trends is a HUGE deal! If you see other businesses or individuals doing something fun and trendy on their page, causing them to get more views, it’s okay to think of something similar to do for your page! Boomerangs have gotten very popular, as well as using animated stickers and creating video clips to showcase your feed! Pay attention to what is working for others and don’t be afraid to integrate these tid-bits of information into your marketing scheme! Marketing is a game- you can’t be afraid to play it if you want to win! 

Competitiveness is a huge aspect of marketing-making yourself more marketable and taking control of these tips can take you to the top!

Here is a link to one of the applications!

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