Marketing to Beauty & Wellness Clients Successfully


The Beauty and wellness industry has turned out be a burgeoning market in the recent times. That being said, you need to evolve constantly and work towards aligning yourself with the ever-changing consumer trends to be able to survive the competition and stay relevant in the market. In addition to acquiring new clients, you also need to focus on nurturing your relationships with your existing customers. You can never really be successful in the salon business unless you know how to hold onto your valuable customers and keep them coming back to you. So how do you market your business to your beauty and wellness clients the right way? Here are a few smart tips that might be helpful in coming up with innovative marketing ideas and establishing yourself as a unique yet reliable stylist that your clients cannot help but keep coming back to.


Be pleasant

Imagine walking into a salon for getting a haircut and your hair stylist appears to be least inclined to serve you and even a little vexed at you for having broken their afternoon reverie. You wouldn’t want to ever come back for their services, right? Nobody in this world likes to be treated in a rude and inconsiderate manner. That being said, you need to portray yourself as a pleasing and welcoming personality to market yourself well to your salon clients. Remember, having a polite demeanor will help you attract more clients to your chair and give you the opportunity of developing loyal and lasting relationships with them.


Establish a connection

Another great way of marketing yourself to your customers is establishing a connection with your clients and showing your genuine interest in them. However, that doesn’t in the least imply that you need to invade their personal space and come across as too intrusive. Respect their privacy and try to ask more open-ended questions such as what their name is and what their major hair concern is. Be a good listener. It is only when you listen to your client well, will you be able to know what he or she wants.


Do targeted advertising

Advertising, when not carried out in a targeted manner, typically end up as irrelevant and ineffective. Promoting a product or service in front of someone who is not really interested in it will simply be a terrible waste of time and energy. Instead, you need to identify specific customers who might actually be looking for certain skin care treatments or hair styling treatments and then push relevant products and services that might be aligned with their needs.


Promote your skills

Find out what makes you stand out from among the rest of the stylists and beauty experts at your salon. It is your unique skills and areas of expertise that can not only attract more clients to your chair but also impress them enough to return for your services in the future. Also, when a client likes your services, there are great chances of him or her spreading the word about your expertise and referring you to their other friends and family who might be interested. If there is some new hair coloring technique that you have trained for recently, it is worthwhile letting your clients know about it and even encouraging them to try it. Doesn’t matter if they are not willing to take the special treatment right away. Talking about your special skills will help to keep your clients well informed and even encourage them to come to you if they do consider taking the treatment in the future.

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