Myth Debunked: Beauty YouTube Can't Teach You What Cosmetology School Can

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With the growing popularity of beauty YouTubers, you may think that you can learn all there is to know about cosmetology from watching YouTube videos. If you want to become a make-up artist, you might assume that subscribing to different beauty channels on this video-sharing platform and watching tons of make-up tutorials are sufficient. But think again. 

Sure, these videos can be informative and fun to watch, but they don't teach you even half the things you would learn in cosmetology school. So, if you are serious about pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you need to sign yourself up to receive an education.

YouTube can't give you a license 

In order to be a practicing cosmetologist in the United States, you need to possess a valid certification. And you can get only this after completing a set number of hours in beauty school. So if you want to get your license, you have no choice but to enroll yourself in cosmetology school. 

The simple truth is that no matter how many videos you watch, you can't get your cosmetology license through YouTube. If you are serious about having a beauty career, going to cosmetology school is, therefore, your best option. 

Systemized learning with the latest techniques and information


In beauty school, you have access to state-of-the-art education with lessons imparted to you through a strait-laced system of teaching. Like in any other educational institution, you are taught the latest information in your field and the newest skills and techniques that you need to know. 

For example, if you are studying hairstyling, then you will be taught everything from theory to practice. You will uncover the science of hair, the latest cutting and styling techniques, the correct tools and equipment to use, and much, much more. 

YouTube, as fun as it is to watch, doesn't offer you the same comprehensive, systemized learning experience that cosmetology school does. 

Hands-on learning experience 

The great thing about beauty school is that you get a hands-on learning experience. It doesn't matter if you specialize in hair, make-up, nails, or skincare. During your learning stage, you must also learn about how to apply the things you acquire in theory to practice. Cosmetology isn't something that you can learn simply by reading or watching; it's something you study by doing. 

Beauty school offers you that opportunity to actually "do" instead of simply reading and watching. Enrolling in a beauty school also means that you have access to all the tools and equipment you need to practice what you know in theory. 

Professionals and experts to teach you and help you with anything


In beauty school, you have professionals and experts who guide you. These are real people with years of industry experience that are there to impart what they know and help you out with anything. If you don't understand something or have a lot of doubts, these individuals are qualified to offer their expertise to assist you. 

Watching make-up and hairstyling tutorials on YouTube doesn't give you the same option. There is no direct interaction between you and your teacher, that is, the YouTuber. This means that your learning experience is limited. 

Networking opportunities 

Another great advantage that beauty school offers that YouTube cannot is networking opportunities. While you're still a student, it's essential to widen your network, meet new people from the industry, and start working on building a clientele. 

Beauty school offers you plenty of opportunities to meet the people you need to know. Be it teachers, colleagues, guest lecturers, or even conferences, workshops, and more, beauty school offers it all. 

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