Networking Guide for Beauty Professionals

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Networking Guide For Beauty Professionals


Networking is a critical factor that contributes greatly to any business. Especially for professionals in the beauty industry, establishing connections can help you in personal growth in ways that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.


The best part is that networking can be incredibly simple if you let it. It doesn’t have to be all serious all the time. In fact, networking can happen anywhere. Just you talking to your clients and asking them to bring their friends is networking, and so is chatting up with other beauty experts while going out for brunch.


Below, we share some simple networking tips that every beauty professional can follow.


·               Don’t underestimate the power of business cards


You may think that business cards are no longer effective in the digital age we live in. However, you shouldn’t underestimate them. Today, many professionals still use them, since handing them out to people you meet can result in a world of difference.


When you have business cards ready for giveaways, people know that you're serious about your work. Besides, there are plenty of ways to design your them so that they stand out. They don’t have to look like your typical rectangular cards – you can get creative so that they accurately represent you and the work you do.


·               Make it personal to make an impression


In an industry where everyone is trying to make an impression and chasing after clients, how do you showcase to customers so they remember you?


Make your interaction personal. This is a networking secret that can work wonders. People tend to remember you or the interaction if there's something that stands out.


For example, before you attend an event, look up everyone who's attending. Perhaps someone whose work you admire and who you've been following for a long time is planning to be there. This is a great time to introduce yourself and network. Do some research, find out their likes and hobbies, and familiarize yourself with other details that you could bring up during a conversation that would make them interested in you.


·               Be active on social media


Social media is one of your strongest and most important networking platforms today. Every modern beauty professional should be active on such essential platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. If used the right way, these can offer you plenty of opportunities.


Additionally, they help you build your brand and strengthen relationships with clients and colleagues. You can share pictures of your work, recommend useful tips and tricks, or offer special discounts through your social media profiles. The things you can do are endless.


·               Have a referral program in place


Your existing clients are one of the best sources of referrals. With a referral program in place, chances are you can grow your clientele in almost no time. Since your existing clients already love your work, giving them a little incentive to sing praises about you and your work to their friends and family can make a huge difference. For example, for every client they refer to you, you can give them a free or discounted service.


·               Don’t forget to follow up


Last but not least, all these networking efforts would be for nothing if you fail to follow up. Depending on the discussion you had with someone, you can drop a message later on something to talk about. This shows them that you indeed are a serious beauty professional who cares for the relationship they build.


Even if you feel like there's nothing much to converse, it’s important to always lay foundations for a possible future appointment or meeting.


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