Multi-Level Marketing: Your Next Step on the Stairs towards Success

By: Jamezell Ottinger

Recently, I have been learning about an exciting way to market beauty, health care, and athletic products to the end-user of a service or a product for little financial investment. The term used has been “network marketing” or multi-level marketing, (MLM). While researching to clear up any false understandings I had about this form of ‘selling’, I found that this is actually what stylists all over the planet are doing at their styling chair 5-15 times a day as far back as anyone alive can remember. Networking is being used by every industry in one form or another. One person is sharing a positive experience they have had with a product or service with their friends, co-workers, and family. 

          The stylists with the largest following and advanced bookings are not always the best artist or the best at technical skills. The biggest retention rates are being done by the stylists who are good at listening, asking the appropriate questions, using their “NETWORK” of clients to build their customer base and keep a booked calendar of customers for weeks and months in advance. These professionals are consistently giving their clients an experience they can only get while sitting in the stylist chair. 

          Just about every beauty show, class, seminar or summit are all preaching the same information on “the experience in the salon”. So, what has changed in the past 75 years? Technology, for the consumer and the stylist, allows humans to research, blog, and discuss with total strangers. We call them ‘friends’ on all subjects concerning our health, wellness, beauty and whether they are a good stylist. At the end of the day, the stylist who makes us feel good is the place we go to enjoy the experience for our service and to purchase our beauty products. The true change in the professional salon industry is how and where we purchase products. As far as I can see, no one can order a haircut or have color, weave or straighter applied via the internet. The customer still has to sit in our professional chair in a salon or perhaps in your home or the consumer’s home for the added convenience and VIP experience of having their stylist in a private setting like many stars in Hollywood. 

          Multilevel selling from behind the chair and in the salon is now primed to be a major disruptor model for the 21st Century salon. In the USA, we have an aging population, healthy and many living past their savings account for retirement, the millennial generation does not have the belief they will work for one company for 40 years and retire with the gold watch from the company they ‘do not trust.’ Network marketing is giving life to those who want to ‘work their own hours’, control their own time, and live their life on their terms, without punching a time clock for an insensitive company and uncaring boss. 

           The MLM industry has expanded globally into a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. The way of marketing to the end-user allows a stylist to offer breakthrough technology products without having to take out a loan, keep inventory on the shelf, collect any money, ship any product or take back any product. Network marketing allows the stylist to introduce their products to anyone and just about anywhere vs. the current way products are sold in salons today. 

            Beauty product manufacturers today tell their customers where their products can be sold, giving them a territory or tell the salon they can only be sold in the four walls of the salon and try to control all aspects of the business. They are only loyal to their bottom line, not the distributor, salon, or the stylist. These same manufacturers have their products on Amazon or other outlets while stopping the stylist, salons, and distributors from selling anyplace other than where they direct. 

             It is time we the stylists, salon owners, and distributors take charge of our future and offer products to everyone we have contact with during our daily activities. Multi-level marketing will continue to grow as technology consumes our lives. Are you going to take control of your future and enjoy residual income when it’s time to retire from behind the chair?

             Contact me if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity that could change your life and give you the freedom of living out your dream, your way.

Jamezell Ottinger

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