New Year, New Career

By: Beauty Cast Network

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Was 2018 a great year for your career? If you didn’t reach all of your career goals, don’t worry. 2019 can be even better with dedication & the right plan.

Assess Your Performance.

Time to reflect on the past year. What were your goals and successes? Where did reality not meet your expectations? Getting a clear picture of what you’ve done will help you plan for the new year.

Start Working. 

Advancing your career can be a little overwhelming, but like the saying goes “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.” Start reaching your career goals with small steps. Before you know it, you begin to see progress and celebrate victories.

Create a Plan of Attack. 

Here’s a list of smaller tasks that will add up to worthwhile career moves in 2019.

  1. Whether traditional or electronic, use an actual calendar and set deadlines for your smaller goals.
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  3. Network with other industry professionals at local events and via social media.
  4. Revamp your resume and get feedback from mentors and employers, if possible.
  5. Research salons in your area that you’d like to work for and follow them online.
  6. Improve your online presence.
  7. Apply for jobs (use our job search).
  8. Schedule and prepare for interviews.
  9. Decide which position is right for you.

Stay Focused.

When you will reach your career goals is up to you. Will it take you a day to find the perfect calendar and a week to completely fill it out? How long will it take you to improve your online image and adjust your posting habits?

Your career plan could take 3 months (that’s one step per week) or all year. You must commit to staying focused and dedicated for this plan to work. It is possible. Set your goals and see them through. 2019 is your year!

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