Online Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Harming Your Salon Business

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You’ve created your official website and social media profiles, taking your salon business online. Although, you might have anticipated a steady rise in your daily footfall, the statistics indicate otherwise.

Many entrepreneurs do not fully understand the implication of online marketing efforts, instead believing that the moment they appear online, customers will start trickling in on their own. After all, there all millions (perhaps billions) of online users that spend several hours every day visiting their social media profiles and shopping on the internet, right?! That said, if your online marketing efforts are not yielding monetary gains for your salon, there can be one or several of these mistakes that you might be making.

Not Identifying Your Goals

A digital marketing strategy without a defined goal is basically a shot in the dark. When you take your salon business online, it is imperative to establish a set of analytical goals, such as sales, sign ups, form completions, returning customers and more, to effectively track the success of your digital marketing efforts. Without having a set of measurable goals (and consistently checking your numbers), you cannot accurately evaluate how your ad campaigns, customer engagement, social media posts, and so on have benefited your business.

Overdoing the Discounting Game

While it might seem like a great idea to entice customers with attractive discounting strategy, you must know where to draw the line. Advertising seasonal deals and offers on your social media profiles occasionally may be helpful. However, you should not make your Facebook or Instagram page look like a mini “Groupon” site. A spa or salon that is forever running on “half prices” or offering one plus one packages is likely to be viewed by the customers as ‘struggling’ to stay on the map. Constant discounts and offers will only dilute the value of your brand and make it less appealing for your prospective audience.

Not Factoring In Your Mobile Users

Smartphones are fast emerging as the dominant digital channel that consumers regularly use to access the internet. That being said, it is absolutely imperative to revise your mobile media strategy now. It’s not enough to simply have a website for your salon business that your customers can access on their desktops and laptops. Your website must be optimized for an equally immersive experience that’s compatible with various mobile devices as well. Believe it or not, a customer is more than likely to turn away from a business if they have a poor experience on its mobile site. In addition to having your website optimized for mobile access, you might also consider creating a dedicated business app for your salon that can further upgrade the customer engagement experience with your brand.

Not Engaging with Customers

While you might believe that your salon website and app are enough to bring more customers to your doorstep, the reality is quite different. You need something more concrete, such as relationship management and customer engagement, to ensure that your online audience takes the critical “next steps” to get them into your salon for their first service. Keep the interest alive by regularly sharing relevant posts and blogs with your audience. In addition, always respond to your customer queries and feedback (both positive and critical) in a timely manner to build trust and display the integrity of your brand.

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