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Online reviews and feedback from clients have the power to make or break any business, including the beauty business. The beauty industry may be highly competitive, but you can use online reviews as a tool to help catapult your career to the next level.


Whether it’s Yelp, your website, or your social media pages, your clients have probably left several reviews regarding your service. Despite positive or negative, it is essential that, as a beauty professional, you pay attention to them and respond accordingly. Here’s why:


Many of your potential clients read online reviews before ever approaching you.


Various studies have shown that a majority of customers search for online reviews before spending their money on anything, including personal care. They want to make sure that your services are worth their time and money, so they make their decision based on what your previous clients have to say about you. Only then do they approach you and set up an appointment or keep moving on.


Today, consumers are more educated than ever, diving headfirst into new experiences, especially when it comes to hair, skin, and nails. “Taking a chance” is no longer an option. Clients do their research before choosing their service providers.


Online reviews affect consumer behavior more than you know.


If consumers look up online reviews before making purchases, it’s only natural that their purchasing behavior is affected by these reviews. Of course, this depends on the kind of product or service that is being sold, and it's safe to assume that online reviews are even more important for cosmetologists. After all, the stakes are higher – the client’s physical appearance is on the line and the results can’t be “returned”.


Many consumers say that online reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations because it is the honest opinion of other consumers. So, as a beauty professional, it is crucial that you make online reviews work to your advantage to gain more clients and grow your career.


Potential clients share their reviews on a variety of online platforms.


You need to know where your clients are posting their online reviews. Today, there are plenty of online platforms for sharing reviews and feedback. Review websites such as Yelp are popular, but many clients tend to share their experience on social media pages, such as Facebook and Google+.


Make sure you check these sites regularly to see what your clients have to say about your service. If social media users see that you provide excellent service, your client list will only get longer. With people spend so much time on social media platforms, your reviews there are extremely valuable to capitalize on.


You can respond to reviews quickly and show client appreciation.


Paying attention and keeping track of your reviews enables you to respond quickly. This shows that you are a professional who cares about their image and what their clients think of their service, someone who is always striving for growth and improvement.


If someone has left a positive review, make sure to thank them. This simple task of responding to reviews can go a long way in making your clients feel appreciated. Plus, you may also increase your retention rate.


You have the potential to turn negatives into positives.


What if someone leaves a negative review? No need to panic! Even though you may try your best, it’s only natural that you'll have a few unhappy clients. If a dissatisfied guest posts a negative review online, don’t ignore it.


Use this as an opportunity to shine, showcase your professionalism, and turn it into something positive simply by how you handle the situation. Apologize and offer a solution (if there is one). That solution may be as simple as having the guest contact you (offline) so that you can discuss directly and offer a resolution. This shows that you care, that you’re paying attention, and that you’re working hard to keep your clients happy.


If you’re able to satisfy the unhappy guest, he or she may be willing to either delete the negative post OR amend the review with the details of a positive resolution.



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