Openness is the Window to New Opportunities

By: Rachel Carpenter

ACT 2 Topic Week 1 – OPENNESS


Ideaà being open with others to be a better friend, co-worker, professional, and (most importantly) person!


Recently, in my university communications class, I learned the difference between high self-monitoring individuals and low self-monitoring individuals. As I was preparing to write this piece, I was struck by how relevant the lesson was to what I wanted to talk about today. It almost felt like fate.


Self-monitoring in general is defined as “a person’s ability to adjust his/her behavior to external situational factors”. In more clear terms, this is a trait in which people are able to notice the way they act and change it to fit the environment they are in. A high self-monitoring person would be very aware of the environment around them and a low-self monitoring person would not be very aware and would pay little attention to changing anything about themselves.


When learning about these sub-groups of people, I began thinking about how so many individuals change themselves to fit the environment they are in, paying little attention to how authentic or open they are with others. If a person changes every place they go, where is their identity? Rather than placing who you are within the world, put your identity in yourself. After all, there IS an “I” in identity.


I’m not saying that it is wrong to be aware of your surroundings. Rather, I am pointing out that it is important for your values, principles, and ideas to be your own- not shifting for every person you come into contact with.


Being yourself is one of the most important aspects of life. If you are not being authentic in relationships, do any of the people you are close to truly “know” you? That’s a difficult question to answer.


By being open with others about who are you, you begin to realize the joy in being accepted without having to change. Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), hobbies, or any other factor in who you are, you should be able to share with others the entirety of yourself. May they react negatively, that is their problem, not yours.


Authenticity with those around you results in better time spent together, better conversations, and better relationships in general. It’s almost impossible to keep up a show all the time and eventually, there will be a slip-up. People may become confused and question who you are and the relationship they have with you. By being genuine and authentic all the time, this is a problem you will never have to worry about. Openness creates a connection between people and yourself that will draw them towards you. May it be more friends, more customers, employers, or a potential partner, new opportunities await

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