Power in Numbers!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Putting faith in those around you can be one of the most difficult tasks you will come across as a stylist— or for any career! Having to rely on your co-workers or fellow students to help accomplish a task is a serious test of your confidence. Not the confidence you have in yourself but the confidence you have in those who surround you. It’s easy to want to do everything ourselves. This feeling can often be traced back to grade school or high school, where being assigned a group project seemed like a death sentence. But your career is a much different situation. By having confidence in those that work with you, your stress levels can lower greatly and you can better enjoy the job you have chosen.

Here are a few tips on building that external confidence!

  • Developing Trust

It’s very important to develop a certain level of trust in those you work with. You shouldn’t feel like it is your responsibility to handle all of the shared responsibilities. As a stylist, all of the people you are surrounded by have some type of qualification in the beauty field. This provides them much greater credibility than maybe your high school peers would have. 

  • Take a Step Back

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back. Maybe you have been handling all of the shared responsibilities in your salon or place of work and others have just grown accustomed to that. Everyone has their own individual work as a stylist and the shared tasks shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of one person. Start observing those you work with and you may see the competency and work ethic in them that you didn’t notice before.

  • Communication is KEY

Talking to your co-workers is needed for you to have confidence in them. It’s easy to work alongside people without communicating, specifically as a stylist with everyone having their own individual work. But when you do talk to your co-workers, you may realize that they are a person just like yourself with strengths and capabilities that can be utilized just like your own. You never know how talented and driven someone could be if you don’t communicate with them at all. 

With these things in mind, it is possible to not only trust those you work with but to form an acquaintanceship. Being friends with your co-workers is not a necessity. But being able to communicate and rely on them for certain tasks is. If you try to do everything yourself, you will grow so weary and be so stressed that you won’t be able to perform your own job properly. Quantity over quality is something to keep in mind here— you would rather do fewer things but spend your time doing the things you are responsible for very well while giving others a few tasks to handle. Confidence in those around you is one step to a better work experience!

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