Premiere Exclusive: Why YOU Should Attend Trade Shows

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Whether you’re currently a beauty school student or a seasoned professional, there’s always room for growth. The beauty industry is constantly changing. If you want to stay ahead, you’re going to need to utilize every resource you can get your hands on.

Trade shows are an excellent way to take what you learned in beauty school and build upon that foundation. Here are some of the benefits of attending trade shows and how you can make the most out of each:


Trade shows are a great way to not only meet new people in the industry but also to discover companies. These networking experiences could grow into partnerships, mentorships, or even new jobs. Make the most of your networking experience by creating business cards. Even if you’re still a student, having a card with your name and contact information makes you stand out from the rest. Check out for some great deals on customized cards.


Take advantage of the education. Maybe there’s a certain area of the industry you want to learn more about or a technique you really want to master. Make the most of your education at the show by creating a schedule for yourself ahead of time! Most shows post what classes will be available at the show online, making it easier for you to organize your days and maximize your experience. Don’t forget to jot down notes, take pictures, and ask questions!

New Trends!

Don’t fall behind by missing out on what’s new. Check out the big stage productions and pay attention to what techniques, tools, and topics they’re teaching. Keep up with the evolving industry by following brands and educators on social media.


You might already be working or have your sights set on a certain area of the industry. However, trade shows provide a great opportunity for you to step outside of what you already know and find something new. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You never know-  you might find a new passion!

Exhibit Floor!

A big part of trade shows is the opportunity to test products. Make sure when you create your schedule for classes, you leave yourself some time to explore the exhibit floor. Some companies offer demonstrations of their products as well as samples so you can test the products out yourself. Plus, shopping is half the fun!

For more information on upcoming shows in your area, check out


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