Quick Tips for Managing Your Time with Ivan Zoot

By: Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy

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Time is money. You can spend it or invest it. Time flies. You cannot save it. Here are my top five tips for managing your time in the professional beauty industry:

1.    Get off of your phone

For many people, their phone is a powerful tool that also becomes a choking time suck. Limit your online time to have more time for what matters.

2.    Get up early 

Many people get more done before 8:00 am than others will do all day. Make the most of your mornings and build momentum for a productive day.

3.    Utilize apps

Appointment booking, bill pay, to-do lists, and more can all be managed on apps to use your time more efficiently.

4.    Get focused 

Establish what’s priority. Keep the main thing as the main thing. If it does not address the main agenda, perhaps it should not be on your agenda?

5.    Get busy

The busier you are, the more you will be able to do. When you are busy you cannot afford to waste time.

Ivan Zoot is your Healthy Haircutter coach. Ivan helps haircutters get and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. To become a $100,000 haircutter, learn more by visiting Ivan at his website (www.clipperguy.com) or on Instagram (@ivanzoot), Twitter (@clipperguy), and Youtube (Clipperguy).

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