Recruiting Revamp: 3 Tools to Ease the Interview Process

By: Nikola Cline

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You’ve worked hard to establish your salon’s brand and unique place in the market; clearly communicating your core values to potential team members during the recruiting process, is key. Making a connection that is right for both parties is an essential part of taking your business to the next level. After all, competition for great talent is fierce. According to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), there are over 90,000 salons in the United States alone!


When you meet with candidates, recruiters, and potential team leaders rely on these three C’s to showcase your salon brand at its very best:




Set the stage for a productive meeting by asking open-ended questions to get to know your candidate or potential partner. Getting insight into what they hold important, their service philosophy and career goals, will help you understand how best to evaluate and, ultimately, lead them.


Here are a few thought starters:


-Describe your favorite job. What factors led to it being a great fit?


-What is your ideal role today and in 12 months?


-What three or four words describe your personal brand or service philosophy?




How you foster community in & outside the salon is important to communicate during the recruiting process. If your salon caters to a niche clientele, has charitable activities, or uses a specific process for marketing to new guests, those insights are essential to share this with candidates. They have everything to do with your branding and what sets you apart from your competition. Additionally, each and every member of your team acts as a brand ambassador 24/7 while out and about (yes, even on Sundays). Sharing your brand values, procedures and overall expectations set the stage for a great social fit in and outside your salon’s four walls.




Make it a habit, perhaps twice annually, to make a list of the activities you engage in that create your team’s unique culture. Morning huddles, team events, a special client consultation system, ongoing education and holiday promotions all contribute to the culture and unique flavor of your team. Keeping track of your activities makes them easy to refer to during interviews and can also be added to your website or any salon branding tools you use. Yes, a list of salon services is always key, but often times it’s the less obvious extras that enhance the best brands.


Making strong connections with the right people that will help elevate your business (and brand) is essential, and not always easy. With these three thought starters, however, you’ll be well on your way!




Nikola Cline is an award-winning marketing exec with 20+ years leading brand strategy, product development, & influencer marketing for Paul Mitchell, P&G, Sebastian, and other global brands. Nikola founded Brandettes, a brand strategy group based in Los Angeles, to help boost brands and creatives through innovation and clever marketing programs.



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