Self-Confidence is the First Step to a Healthy Work Environment!

By: Rachel Carpenter

  • You may believe that the beauty industry is all about technical skill, but truly achieving in this field requires something extra. We cannot rely solely on what we learned in school, but rather we must take that knowledge and expand on it with traits that separate us from other stylists. Confidence is one of these traits that can brighten up your career. Let’s look at a few of the ways this interpersonal skill can shape your success!

  1. Confidence in yourself can result in trust from your clients
    • If you believe in your abilities and make that fact obvious to those you have the privilege of working with, these clients will be much more comfortable receiving your services. 
    • Getting your nails, hair, makeup, or any other service done is a huge matter of trust on the part of the receiver. A terrible color job is difficult to remedy and often quite expensive. If you radiate confidence, the customer is more likely to have confidence in you as well. 
    • Think about it— if a hairstylist is going on and on about how they fear you will not like what they’ve done… there’s a good chance you won’t, just because they put that doubt inside your head. But if the person working on you is smiling, complimenting you, and commenting on how excited they are for what is being done, it just makes you feel better about trusting them. 
    • Try to put yourself into your clients’ shoes and see how the provider’s confidence can impact your mindset.


2. Confidence steers you away from the deep, dark abyss of insecurity

    • When we begin to have insecurities, it’s difficult to pull ourselves out of that negative way of thinking. Like an abyss, insecurity feels never-ending, dark, and sad.
    • Confidence, however, turns us away from that abyss and serves as a constant reminder of how qualified we are to our jobs. 
    • When we begin thinking poorly of ourselves, confidence is that little angel on our shoulder that reminds us of everything we have sacrificed and gone through to get to the point we are today. We would not have arrived at the point we are now had we let insecurity take over our lives. 
    • Think of confidence as INSECuriTy (Good pun right?) repellent. Confidence keeps us from overthinking and turning a good situation bad in a matter of minutes. 


3. Confidence can be a HUGE source of motivation

    • Motivation is what keeps us on track and continuing to do the things we are responsible for doing. If we are confident in our abilities, it is much easier to keep going forward.
    • If we are insecure about who we are as a stylist, growth becomes nearly impossible. How must we grow if we questioning everything about ourselves that brought us to this point? 
    • We must realize that we would not be the stylist we are today without a certain level of skill. Doubting this skill only draws us farther and farther from our goal. 


4. Confidence can help with what we bring to the office from home

    • Maybe the most difficult part of your job isn’t even what happens at work. Maybe it’s the baggage that you bring from your personal life. 
    • Confidence can help to remedy this as well. This trait is important in interpersonal relationships, as it provides you a belief in yourself that is more difficult for others to tear down. 
    • This trait also keeps you stable— confidence may not make what you’re going through at home any easier to deal with, but easier to separate from your career. The confidence to deal with your problems outside the workplace puts less pressure on you in dealing with your colleagues or clients.
    • But having confidence doesn't mean that we cannot ask for help. While reaching out to others isn't easy, sometimes it takes confidence to admit that we cannot do everything on our own. No matter what you may be struggling with, there are so many individuals out there willing to listen to you and talk to you. 


Confidence is not just a word, but rather an entire lifestyle to build your career on top of. Many in the beauty industry fear never building a list of clients or working in a top salon. Confidence will not achieve such goals for you but rather will provide the mindset to do it yourself. This trait is not a fix-all by any means, but it can make a huge difference. Confidence cannot build your career all by itself; you must make the jump to begin the process, and this trait is one of the first steps. 

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