Self-Confidence: Looking Through YOUR Salon Mirror

By: Rachel Carpenter

Last week, we talked about self-confidence as a whole. But this week I want to look more at this topic through the lens of your career. Your job is something that gives you a role in a world that can simply feel too large. Confidence in your skillset and trust in your decision to join the beauty industry contributes to a sense of belonging. When you have this confidence you are assured that in what you do, no matter where you move, who may be working around you or what may happen, that there is something constant in your life. Let’s look at a few ways to develop this self-confidence in your job and take a look in your OWN salon mirror!

  1. Focus on your successes and don’t dwell on failure

  1. We all fail at some point. It’s inevitable. But in developing self-confidence in your career it’s necessary to build your confidence in all the good you have done in the beauty industry. Think of all the clients that constantly come back to you. Or think of the tricky styles you pulled off like a champ. These are what you should place your beauty industry identity in. Obviously, there are situations in which you didn’t perform your best. Maybe you gave a bad cut or mishandled a conversation with your boss. Learn from your mistakes and build your self-confidence in your success rather than these poor experiences. 

  2. Stay Away from Comparison. 
  3. Confidence in yourself as a stylist is severely impacted when you constantly compare your skills to those of your colleagues. The success of those that work alongside you should push you to be better rather than tear you down. Seeing what others achieve should not compromise what great things you have accomplished in your career. It is great to be inspired by others but you should not lose pride in what you have done for the industry. Look in your own mirror, not everyone else’s!

3.  Keep a Strong Work Ethic

  1. Keeping a strong work ethic will always give you a reason to smile when you think about your career. No matter what skills you master, how many clients you have, or what happens, you can find peace in the fact that you tried as hard as you could. People may say that the end result is the only thing that matters, but these people don’t realize how confidence in your effort and the work you have put forth can create confidence in your career. 

Striving for confidence may seem like a never-ending struggle. But, in focusing on your success, avoiding comparison,  valuing work ethic and feeling confident in your career is so much easier. In your darkest days as a stylist, implementing these simple things will provide you a piece of brightness to hold onto. 

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