Self-Image and Attitude are the Components of Assertiveness!

By: Rachel Carpenter


We’ve talked a great deal this month about being assertive. But assertiveness comes from within. Sometimes it’s difficult to find that assertiveness inside yourself. Maybe you’re a quiet person who doesn’t like to rock the boat. Or maybe you’re very outgoing, but standing your ground just isn’t your thing. Finding your assertiveness and utilizing it in your day to day life begins with your self-image and attitude.

Self-Image is the way you view yourself. To begin being assertive, you must be confident in who you are and what you believe. How are you supposed to be assertive in the workplace and stand firm in your values and beliefs if you are not confident in them to begin with? Being confident is so important and it’s much easier said than done. Here are a few tips to creating that confidence in yourself. 

  • Give Self-Affirmations: Located at the bottom of our newsletter every week is a small self-affirmation. This is intended to brighten our reader’s day and give them a positive outlook of their self. Do this for yourself! Think of small things about yourself that you enjoy and hold onto them. Think of a new one every single day. Write them down and use them to remind yourself of why you are so great.


  • Question that Doubting Voice in Your Head: There’s always something in our heads condoning poor self-image and reminding us of our insecurities. Ignore that little voice. Use those self-affirmations and positive view of yourself to shut that voice down. It only brings you down- keeping you from being assertive.


  • Self-Care: Spend some time with yourself! Do the things that make you happy. Make time for the person inside. Read a good book, listen to a podcast, practice your skills as a stylist— whatever makes you content, do more of it! With all this time in self-quarantine, self-care should be at the top of our list. 


Attitude is what you portray outwardly to the world. Using your self-image to cultivate a positive attitude shows others how great you’re feeling on the inside. Use the growth in your self-image to create a growth in your attitude that EVERYONE can see. 

Your assertiveness comes from within and attitude and self-image are two major ingredients! When everyone on the outside can witness the positive and confident attitude that began with a healthy self-image, the ability to assert yourself in difficult situations will feel a lot less complicated! 

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