Sport Clips Careers: From Stylist to Platform Artist, Endless Possibilities Await

By: Whitney Reid, Industry Events Specialist, Sport Clips

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Have you ever been to a beauty show or trade event and watched the awesome rock star barbers and stylists cutting and styling on stage? Or maybe you follow some of these incredible artists on social media? Have you ever thought to yourself, “That’s where I want to be someday?”

I’ll bet you didn’t know that through a career with Sport Clips, your dream of becoming a platform artist could become a reality. The Sport Clips Artistic Team was formed in 2014 and made up of 6 Sport Clips Coaches or Educators from all over the United States. In 2017 our team grew to a total of 8 members who represent our brand by traveling to beauty shows and educating on stage all over the U.S. In addition to all of the “jet-setting” across the country, our team receives extensive training with well-known industry professionals to further develop their technical skills.

In 2016, we released our first Artistic Team Collection of haircuts. Team members traveled to our World Headquarters in Georgetown, TX and worked with industry photographer, videographer and stylist, Fumihiko Eguchi, and creative consultant, Julian Perlingiero, to create cutting-edge looks and styles. Those styles were the focus of a three-day photo and video shoot that was fun for all and a great collaborative effort featuring the Sport Clips Collection of classic cars and sharp-dressed male models. 

After the film was cut and edited, the videos were used to develop the Artistic Team Training classes. Coaches across the U.S. utilized these videos to train the managers in their markets to take those classic styles back into their stores for our clients nationwide to enjoy. 

At Sport Clips, we aim for consistency across all locations, developing classes and trainings to spread quality throughout our network. Our mission is “to create a Championship Haircut Experience for men and boys in an exciting sports environment.” The Coaches and Artistic Team Members are key players in ensuring we are achieving that goal. 

This July, we created our second Artistic Team Collection of haircuts and captured the results in a video shoot. Recognizing that athletes such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have become big influencers in male grooming, the focus of this shoot was athletic and included a second classic themed look. The three haircuts will be unveiled at the Sport Clips Coaches Huddle in September 2018. 

Opportunities, such as travel to industry events and photo shoots, are not the only perks of being an Artistic Team Member. In November 2017, Krystle Sierras was chosen to compete on a brand new reality show competition called, The Look All Stars, which aired on the CW in July 2018. Of the experience, Krystle says, “I never thought that joining Sport Clips would set me on the path of making my dreams come true. Being a platform artist for the company I am so passionate about and being able to share it on national television… beyond grateful!”

While still relatively young in its lifespan, the Sport Clips Artistic Team is gaining popularity. The Team has been featured in Modern Salon, Man Magazine, Hairbrained, and Behind the Chair, as well as being invited to perform on stage at Paul Mitchell the School’s National Event, Caper. With the help of renowned choreographer, Jesse Lee Santos, and the JLS dancers, the team took the stage last January in front of an audience of 3,000 future professionals and John Paul himself, wowing the crowd with styling tricks and flair. The audience was on their feet cheering and dancing along with the team. The experience was unforgettable and the atmosphere, electric! 

To say our team members love what they do would be an understatement. When asked what being an Artistic Team Member meant to her, Stacia Kelley replied, “It is about empowering others in our brand and industry. This type of leadership comes from integrity and a desire to impact each person we meet.” Erin Smith finds her passion in “inspiring others to discover their true potential and helping them believe they can achieve their ultimate goals.”

Influenced by Sport Clips’ strong culture, this team of barbers and cosmetologists are leading by example and working to spread positivity throughout the industry by supporting each other and their fellow industry professionals. In my opinion, it can’t get any better than that! 

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