Star Student: Making the Most Out of Your Time in Cosmetology School

By: BCN Communications

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To be successful in the beauty industry, it's never too early to put in the effort. Maybe you think you haven't stepped into the “real” salon world yet, but you actually have. Building a reputation starts well before graduation day.


Beauty school presents you with plenty of opportunities where you can test the waters in different aspects of cosmetology, allowing you to make some mistakes (with a safety net!), begin to find your niche, and develop as a professional who is ready to thrive in the market.


To make the most out of the opportunities presented to you, here are some useful tips you can follow:


Put time on your side.


Punctuality is an essential quality that every successful cosmetologist needs. Efficient time management is vital for growth. So, while in school, develop the habit of being on time for class. Aim for arriving at least 15 minutes early every day so you have plenty of time to get ready.


Whether it’s reading for the upcoming lesson, cleaning and organizing your tools, or finding the perfect seat, arriving early will give you the head start you need to prepare, both physically and mentally, for learning.


Lights! Camera! Action!


As a cosmetology student, you will be introduced to the salon floor fairly quickly. Here, you’ll work with clients & hone your technical skills. Some students tend to shy away, hesitant to take guests because they don’t feel confident enough just yet.


When learning anything new, it can feel intimidating to just ‘go for it’, putting into practice what you’ve been taught. However, this is a necessary part of the learning process. So, avoid hiding out in the break room and push yourself to be available and ready for your guests. After all, this is why you enrolled in cosmetology school. Take full advantage of learning all you can.


Get involved.


Another essential tip to make the most out of your time at beauty school is to be an active student. This presents you with plenty of time and space to network.


Networking is essential for success in any professional field, and cosmetology is no different. Make sure to attend guest lectures, workshops, and training programs to further your education and meet new people.


Foster good relationships with your school team, instructors, and fellow students. Never be afraid to ask questions or seek advice. Then, keep in touch with them even after graduation.


Every day is an interview.


Your attitude and mindset are important determinants of success. The beauty industry is one that is heavily reliant on customer service, which means that the way you treat your clients, regardless of what kind of day you’re having, plays a significant part in determining your reputation and your bottom line.


When you want to be the best, there are no ‘days off’ from being professional. Remember to treat everyone around you with respect and keep a pleasant, solution-oriented attitude, no matter what.


Focus on building an impressive portfolio.


Starting day one, document your work. Develop a portfolio that showcases how you have progressed throughout your time at cosmetology school, from your work on doll heads to actual clients.


The best competition is not with others, but with yourself. Pictures of your growth help you track of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Not only is this an incredible interview piece, but it’s also a great way to celebrate your successes!



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