Staying Conscientiously Positive

By: Rachel Carpenter

A HUGE aspect of being happy in your career path (and life in general) is to be positive! Being conscientious with positivity can be a real game-changer- if you let it! But how can we be conscientiously positive? Being conscientious often means being intentional. Intentionally taking the time to adopt a few new practices can lead you to be conscientiously positive. But what are these practices? Let’s find out!


By taking the time to remind yourself of all the things about yourself that are good and make you proud of who you are, you are intentionally promoting self-positivity. It’s important to focus on the good in ourselves- this motivates us when we dwell too much on the things we do not like. Always having something positive to say, despite how negative you are feeling or how bad a situation is, can change your outlook on life. The career you’ve been dreaming of seems attainable! The friendships you thought were long-gone have a chance at being rebuilt. The things that we cannot change in life seem less daunting. All from making a conscientious effort to be uplifting with yourself!

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself individually is a great way to intentionally promote inner-positivity! Maybe it’s a few seconds during your workday to listen to a song you love or tune into an episode of your favorite podcast. Maybe it’s indulging yourself with dinner at your favorite restaurant and a movie after. Or maybe it’s just a drive, alone, with the windows down and nothing to stress over. These few moments to yourself may not seem like a great deal, but it’s your opportunity to intentionally pull away from the hustle and bustle of life to care about your personal happiness and growth. Yes, it takes conscientious effort to plan a night away from everyone else or to take time out of your day to listen to that podcast or song- but it’s being intentional that makes this time so special. 

Cutting Out Negativity

Cutting out negativity to promote positivity can be a difficult and very intentional process. You have to intentionally not respond to a toxic text message. You have to intentionally ignore efforts by someone who has caused you a great deal of grief, such as a friend, partner or loved one. You have to intentionally leave a work situation that is bad for your mental health and outlook on life. While it’s difficult to be conscientious in these situations, it is this attitude that is so effective in promoting a positive attitude for yourself and leaving those that compromise this positivity out of the equation. 

While these tips can be difficult to incorporate into your life, conscientiously working to adopt them can lead to a much healthier lifestyle- where positivity radiates from within. 

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