Staying Resilient to Stay Motivated!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Last week we talked about staying motivated internally. But what about when things around you get really tough? When the external things are pushing in on your internal source of motivation? How do we beat this type of adversity? Those are all questions that we want to cover today, by discussing how to stay motivated on the inside when everything seems terrible on the outside. This is in a skill called resilience. In being resilient, you can continue your motivation and stay determined towards your dreams regardless of the things you can’t control. 

The definition of resilience is being ‘able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions’. Difficult conditions are all of the things going on around you that cause stress, grief, frustration or many more negative feelings. Staying resilient and being able to withstand and recover quickly from those hardships allows you to stay motivated and pursue your goals. But how do we stay resilient? Here are a few quick tips:

Affirm Yourself

Say that something bad has happened at work and maybe you had a hand in causing it. You might have forgotten to check your email or mixed up appointment scheduling with a client. A huge part of staying resilient is reminding yourself that you are not your mistakes. Maybe you messed up- it happens! But this is no reason to give up or lose sight of what you want in life. When you affirm yourself you are reminding your inner self how amazing, special and talented you are- never losing sight of the person who began this journey because they knew they were capable. 

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People 

Try to surround yourself with others who are just as motivated as you. This serves as an accountability system, in that by giving up on your goals and allowing your motivation to slip, others will notice and try to help you. That external support allows you to be more resilient and for that moment of weakness to be just a hiccup- and not a poor decision for the rest of your career. The beauty industry, and life in general, may be hard sometimes and feel somewhat impossible. But having others around you that go through the same things you do and choose the same path you are can really keep that inner motivation up high 

Have a Clear Vision

When we get distracted or bogged down it’s easy to tell ourselves things that aren’t true. Like ‘you were never going to get that promotion anyway’ or ‘you don’t even know what you want’. By having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your career or life, it is much harder to give up on it. When we have a clear vision of something we care deeply about we think about it more often, and when that moment of weakness arises, so do thoughts of our goals. By giving up and giving in to the external hardships, one isn’t being resilient. Being resilient is reminding yourself why you must get back up and then DOING it. If you don’t have anything to remind yourself, it’s a much more complex process. 

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