A Beauty Student's Insight After Two Months Away From The Chair

By: Rahel Carpenter

In only a matter of months the beauty industry, like so many others, has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. In these uncertain times, it’s important to keep our heads up and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and the bright future it holds for the next generation of beauty professionals. That's why we've decided to publish a series of profiles on people across the industry.


Our first profile is on Trinity Urbick, from Ogle School #56 in San Antonio, Texas. We wanted to know about her experience with being a student in our industry during the pandemic. We were pleasantly surprised by her motivating account of life amidst this tragedy and how she’s been able to keep going in her pursuit of a career in the beauty field, no matter how difficult it is! 


Below is a little recap of our conversation. You can see how positive she is and the passion she has for the beauty world in her own words! 


So, Trinity, tell us about yourself! What are your interests?


“I really enjoy doing makeup and mostly hair color. I enjoy haircuts but really enjoy hair color because of how creative I can be. The possibilities with hair color are endless!”


Awesome to hear! How have you been during the COVID-19 pandemic?


“I’m not going to lie-- it’s been pretty difficult! I’m not the type of person who can stay inside and do nothing. But I’ve been handling it pretty well. I’ve been trying different things with my mannequins and my best friend has allowed me to practice on her and do her hair. Hair and makeup have been a huge escape for me during this time!”

I love to see you sharpening skills with mannequins and through close loved ones- social distancing while being very productive! It’s really cool that your best friend has also been helping you to sharpen your skills! 


“I think one of the main things I love about beauty is what I can do for others! When friends ask me to do their hair and afterward their reaction is ‘Oh my gosh I love it, thank you,’ it brings them a love for themselves that they never knew they had. It’s crazy inspiring how simply adding hair color or doing makeup can bring that confidence! Being able to do that for them makes me feel amazing about myself as well! 


Helping others through our work is such a great feeling, isn’t it?


“Yes!!! My best friend who has let me work on her hair has been experimenting with her own makeup a lot more since I’ve been doing crazy and unique things with my makeup! It’s really cool to watch all of my friends blossom in their own way during this time and know that I influenced that!


That’s amazing! Sharing your love for beauty is a priceless feeling! How do you feel about the beauty industry right now?


Oh, I LOVE the beauty industry! I’ve always been a part of the beauty industry, as my mom has been a cosmetologist for all my life and is the salon manager of Ogle San Antonio right now! I’ve always had a love for the beauty industry whether it be hair, makeup or fashion. Anything! I think that this industry is so cool because you can express yourself in so many ways. Again the possibilities are endless!”


Has the pandemic changed how you view beauty?


“I’ve learned through this that beauty is such a healthy way to spend time during the Covid-19 pandemic, without having to to be stuck inside feeling like there’s no way to grow yourself. Getting in front of a mirror and learning new things about makeup or hair has been a great way for me to spend time. It’s been hard, but I really have enjoyed quarantine in that I’ve been getting the time to slow down and practice the things I was struggling with before all of this!”


How have you been keeping up with the beauty industry?


“I’ve been following quite a few pages on Instagram and right now my main interest haircolor-wise is balayage. I took a balayage class earlier this year and I have fallen in love with balayage even more than before! I also like fun hair color- right now my hair is navy blue with neon green money pieces! I think that fits me so well!  Crazy hair color is a passion of mine, so I’m constantly looking up on Pinterest, Instagram, or all over the internet to look for different things to do with hair color. I’ve honestly been keeping up with beauty in almost any way possible!”

It’s awesome that your interest in the beauty industry isn’t something that ends when you’re not in school! That type of dedication is so impressive!


“It was REALLY hard at first because your first thought is ‘What’s the point if we can’t be working on human hair?’. Mannequin hair is not like human hair.  It’s similar in many ways but also very different but by pushing myself to keep working and being motivated by all of the competitions that you guys at Beauty Cast Network have put on made it better. This wasn’t just for me, but a lot of my classmates as well! By keeping motivated and pushing through the education process, we haven’t given up! The competitions were so fun and I was so thankful to be able to be a part of them!”


Love that! Just because we have to social distance and keep one another safe does not mean we must put our lives and journey in education on pause. So it’s really cool to hear you say that!


Trinity was able to give such an insightful and genuine perspective on what being a student is like during this time! She didn’t deny that it has been difficult, but by keeping such a positive attitude, has been able to better herself through it! We all wish we could be back at work or school, back to what normal really means! But in the meantime, we can’t put our life on pause. No matter how hard times may be, always try to keep a good attitude and work to better yourself! Thank you so much Trinity for speaking with us. We’re so glad that others can hear from you too! Keep being a light for beauty students everywhere!

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