Successful Beauty Pros are Lifelong Learners

By: Lauren Whitaker, BCN Communications

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Learning is a continual process that allows us to improve and evolve into better versions of ourselves. While it is imperative to learn from our personal life experiences, the same is true for additional training to help us flourish in the beauty business.

Ongoing training is the key to staying relevant and acquiring greater success and professional growth at an accelerated rate. Here are a few reasons why additional training matters to you as part of the professional beauty industry:

Build Confidence

The more you learn, the more proficient you become at your job. The more proficient you are at your job, the more your confidence grows. Ongoing training not only enhances your existing knowledge but also bolsters your self-confidence. As you continue to master your craft and before more highly certified, you gain credibility among your clients and your colleagues.

Improve Efficiency

Another great benefit of advanced training is adopting more efficient methods to perform the services that you’ve been offering in ways that are less time-consuming.  After all, time is money. The added practice you take part in helps increase your speed. With ongoing training, you can ensure greater productivity and efficiency behind the chair, making you better equipped to handle more guests in your available work hours.

Acquire New Skills

The beauty and wellness industry is ever-changing. As such, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements and have a good understanding of the changing trends in the beauty business. Participating in additional training courses regularly will help you acquire expertise in the latest skills relevant to your industry and prepare you to cater to the evolving needs and expectations of your clients.

Product Education

With the continuous advancement in the cosmetic industry, new skin care and hair care products seem to surface daily. Because your clients have the entire universe of knowledge right at their fingertips (via the Internet), they ‘re also quite aware of what’s new and exciting.

With such level of awareness, it is imperative for you as a salon stylist to have a good understanding of the new beauty products in the market and be adept in recommending which products are the best fit for a client’s unique needs and desired results. Product knowledge training courses are an effective way to acquire the information you’ll need to educate your clients.

Enhance Customer Service

Training in the beauty and wellness industry is not just limited to technical skills or product education. Communication techniques and customer service training programs can help you find opportunities for improvement in key areas of your guest interactions. These learning programs may cover how to perform better consultations, recommend take-home product effectively, handle dissatisfied customers, improve retention rates, and more.

No matter what your professional development needs may be, take some time to investigate the many trainings that are available. Find out what inspires you, choose a starting point, sign up, and get ready to take your expertise to the next level.


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