Watch Your Career Soar by Following These 4 Steps

By: SuperCuts Team


We all know the hair industry is a competitive one and career growth is important. Check out some of the following steps we’ve pulled together from successful Supercuts stylists on what you can do to grow in your career, take it to the next level and move forward.


Step 1: Be hungry. Learning shouldn’t stop after you land your first job. Take advantage of any education opportunities that come your way. In today’s day and age, education comes in many forms. In addition to hands-on workshops, watch YouTube videos, take online courses, attend community educational events and product knowledge classes from other professionals.


Step 2: Be honest. Don’t hide your goals from supervisors. Share your vision for your professional future, even if it means not working at a salon or barbershop one day (Ex. Working backstage at New York Fashion Week). Salon leaders should be just as passionate about the career growth of their stylists and help give them guidance to achieve their goals.  


Step 3: Be open. Listen to feedback from your current supervisor and apply it at the next opportunity. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” You have to accept feedback so you can see yourself through someone else’s eyes. And sometimes, feedback is hard. It’s not always easy to take critique, but you’ll find over time that you will be hungrier for it because you see yourself getting better as a result.


Step 4: Be proactive. Do things before they are asked of you at the salon and build a reputation for getting things done. Network with other stylists and barbers in the industry in person and on social media. And always be willing to offer support to others in your industry as well. While what you know is important, so is who you know. Be the stylist that lifts up and encourages other stylists.


So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these steps into your day-to-day activities. We even recommend keeping a journal of the progress you are making, what you need to work on, and don’t forget to capture your successes! So much of your success as a stylist comes from within you and your ability and desire to grow.

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