Set Yourself Apart from the Rest with Exceptional Customer Service

By: Shawnna Parry

We all know what services we offer and excel in whether it’s a haircut, color, facial or manicure. Doing these services well is what we might think brings our guest back in our chair but that is only the case half the time.

That means if you did the perfect service, it would only guarantee 50% of your guests would return and that is no way to build a business for yourself.

There is one service that is most overlooked, that every single professional in this industry should offer whether you are a hairstylist, esthetician, manicurist or a barber, and that is customer service. After spending over ten years in this industry, I have seen the difference it can make.

How many stylists, estheticians or manicurists work in your salon? How many of these professionals work in a salon near you? How many of them offer the same or similar services to the ones you offer? I would guess your answer to all these questions are ‘a lot.’ If your guest has that many options for their services, then there has to be something you offer that sets you apart from all those other professionals.

It all comes down to giving your guests the ultimate experience while they are with you and it’s time you raise the bar. First and foremost, greet your guests. It sounds simple but it can go a really long way. If they are new, learn their names before they arrive. Welcome them when they arrive, using their name and don’t forget to smile!

Next, always conduct a thorough consultation every time. Make it a habit to keep client cards for every guest. This allows you to have all your guests

contact information at your disposal. You can follow up with them in a text, email or even a letter to let them know you miss them if they haven’t been in for a while or maybe it’s their birthday and you want to send them a special offer. Write down notes about their services, like their color formulation and make notes about the personal things they share with you. That way, on their next visit you can follow up on a conversation you had last time and that is guaranteed to make anyone feel special. Recommend retail. This helps build the relationship between you and your guest.

Last but not least, make sure you thank them for coming in and get their next appointment on the books before they leave. This is the one sure-fire way to create a consistent income for yourself. Following these customer service guidelines will

guarantee your guests have the best experience possible and should keep them coming back for a long time.


Providing thorough consultations is critical and is something I would like to expand on. Always do a thorough consultation for every guest, on every visit.

Don’t assume just because they are a regular, they might not want something new. 


With every guest is important to ensure the lines of communication are open. This means you and your guests can talk about the new trends and this might give them the opportunity to request a new service, which can potentially mean more money for you and a  long lasting relationship. Ask your guests open ended questions, not just

questions that would allow a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Try asking your guest how they style their hair and see what you learn. If you simply just ask, do you style your hair, you don’t really learn much.These questions will allow you to make the best recommendations like a haircut that is easy to style if they don’t have a lot of time to spend on styling.

Asking open ended questions and addressing what your guests want also shows you are a good listener and that kind of trust is the best customer service. It’s also a good idea to repeat back what you and the guest have decided to do at the end of your consultation. This will help avoid uncomfortable situations if you might not be on

the same page. I can honestly tell you, a majority of the client complaints I have dealt with (and I have dealt with hundreds) could have been avoided by listening and repeating back the services agreed upon.

In conclusion, guests come back because of the relationship with you, more than if the service they received was good. Customer service is what is going to set you apart from the other professionals in your field, so get out there and be a day maker!

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