Take a Look in the Mirror: Cooperation with Yourself!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Sometimes the hardest times in your work career can be because of obstacles that you face within yourself! Learning to cooperate with your inner self is HUGELY important. There are certain aspects of your personality and who you are as a person that may make your career or personal life more difficult- cooperating with these can help you to be happier and more assured in whatever you do!

But how must we do this? Coming to terms with the parts of us that may hinder our success or growth can be very difficult. Below are a few tips to help you make this process much more achievable! 

1. Educating Yourself on Your Limitations

  • One practice that really helps when cooperating with yourself is educating yourself and making an effort to understand the things that hold you back. If it is a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, the answer might be talking to your doctor, a counselor, or a loved one about the frustrations you have in dealing with your condition. You may get more insight on why these things happen or why you struggle with certain elements of your job or personal life. Maybe it’s researching self-help mechanisms for the little things you struggle with, such as time management or communication. Finding the root of these problems and the many different ways that they manifest day to day can help you to recognize them and work to fix them. Cooperating isn’t always changing yourself, but is sometimes accepting and embracing the things about yourself that you cannot change!  

2. Communicate with Yourself

  •     A large issue in cooperating with ourselves is that, like when you cooperate with another individual, you must promote open communication with yourself! This may sound weird or you might be asking yourself ‘How am I supposed to communicate with myself??’ but it is really much simpler than it sounds. Communication with oneself can mean so many different things. For one, it is not ignoring the issue that you face. You must not push away the things you face because dealing with them later rather than sooner sounds much simpler. You have to confront what holds you back to face it and cooperate with it. It is also getting your thoughts out. Keeping a journal and getting out your thoughts allows you to confront the negative feelings or emotions that you must cooperate with.


3. Stay Positive

  •     Sometimes staying positive and upbeat despite dealing with the aspects of yourself that make your job and life harder can be the biggest means of cooperating with yourself. It makes you look at these things as obstacles to overcome rather than an impasse! Realizing that the aspects of you that make life harder are still valuable traits that can be grown, rather than given up on is the perspective to have.

Integrating these few tips in your life can make a BIG difference when looking in the mirror to cooperate with yourself! 

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