Take a Look in the Workplace Mirror: Are You What the Client Wants?

By: Peter Rosas

Ask yourself a couple of quick questions.

First, what do clients want?

And, secondly, do you provide it?

What they want may or may not surprise you!

Personally, I read and listen to a lot of speakers. I like to think of them as mentors, sharing their wisdom and stories of situations they have encountered in their own lives. Their insight could apply to me in so many ways. I could implement their knowledge to help me make every-day decisions and carry out a better life. 

One of the key things speakers always say is that ‘Listening is an art form’ - but so is, Mirroring someone’s body language. These are both very important and have become more valuable than offering a promotion or discount to a client. Quite frankly, the clients that value these aspects of your business are the clients you want. This is because they are more likely to become long-term clients.

 First decide what type of Listener you are.

- Ask yourself ‘How much energy does it take for me to listen to someone?’

- Are you an ‘Attentive Listener’? - meaning you pay attention and can repeat what was said.

- Or are you an ‘Empathic Listener’? - meaning you listen and mirror the person’s voice, tone, and mannerisms/ This improves mutual understanding and trust. But we’ll talk more on this later.

After deciding what type of Listener you ARE, it is important to think about the type of listener you can GROW to be: 

Can you be:

* Someone that communicates at their level? - Learn to Mirror their body language and tone of voice. It will establish a comfort zone between you and the customer.

* Someone that can create an image for the client? - In the beauty industry, seeing IS believing.

  A Product Book or Look Book can help you to communicate your capabilities to the client, leaving less room for confusion. 

* Someone that looks and acts the part? - Sorry to say it, but appearance does plays a part in getting clients. A client doesn’t want someone taking care of them that doesn’t appear to take care of themselves. 

* Someone that runs on time? - Your client’s time is just as important, if not more important, as yours. Running late for appointments is a habit that won’t win you any new clients. We live in a schedule driven society; don’t ignore others’ responsibilities in favor of your own.

* Someone willing to provide great customer service? - Find out your clients’ expectations for your services. In most cases, it isn’t a discount or promotion that will grow your business, but instead it is the relationship they have developed with you.

* Someone that uses clean equipment? - In my case it’s combs, brushes and the various other hair equipment I use. For you it may be different. No matter your specialty, using sterile equipment should always be a priority.

* Someone that keeps a Clean Store-Front and Bathrooms? - Clients notice even the little things. It’s your responsibility to keep a clean place of business.

* Someone that ensures an attentive Receptionist or Front Desk staff? - Your front desk can set the tone on how a client perceives your entire business. Make sure to hire people that will grow your business rather than sink it.

By being a person that answers all of these questions with a ‘Yes’, you are being a professional that clients want to work with. The beauty industry is in the relationship business. By building relationships, you will grow your business.

Here at ClientAssistPro.com, we can help you with building those relationships.   

Let me ask you a few questions. I would like you to think about them and answer them honestly, for only you know the answers. 

* Do you suffer from a little black cloud that follows you, because you talk too much?

* How do you deal with unwanted but necessary goodbyes?

* Are you a seeker in truth?

* Do you have miles to go to find the person you are?

* Are you a fully functional person?

* Are you an unprepared participant?

* Are you willing to take a different path?

* Do you look at what you do with watching eyes?

* Do you have triggers that create memories?

 Have you ever thought about these quotes? - How did they make you feel?

Some individuals are very talented at gathering and bringing in clients to themselves and their business.

By changing the way we analyze things and operate our business, we can all better gather our business. 

I’ll leave you with one last piece of advice: Documentation is everything. Clients appreciate when you remember details they have shared with you. And you’ll appreciate remembering the details I’ve shared with you today. So don’t forget what we’ve learned.

Thank you,

Peter Rosas at ClientAssistPro.com

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