The Business of Microblading

By: Amber Arrington, Sassy Wink Academy

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What is the most talked about beauty brow trend “buzz word” of the past couple of years? You guessed it! It’s “microblading!” If you have ever thought about adding a new service to your offerings, THIS is it!


Microblading is the hottest and most cutting-edge brow trend to cross over to America from Asia! Microblading (aka eyebrow embroidery, 3D brows, 6D brows, hair stroke brows…) is a permanent cosmetic tattoo technique done with a manual pen and needle that penetrates the top layer of skin with pigment. When done correctly, this offers a realistic and dimensional looking natural brow consisting of fine hair-like strokes instead of a block of color.

Microblading is a two-part service requiring customers to return 6 weeks after the initial service for a touch-up. The touch-up is necessary so that the artist can determine how the client’s skin handled the pigment and make any necessary adjustments.


The pigment lasts different amounts of time on different people for a myriad of reasons. In general, after the first 6-week touch-up, it could last anywhere from 12-36 months before fading completely.


A topical anesthetic is used to numb the skin before and during the procedure. Many clients find it relaxing!


No. Clients are able to leave the treatment and go directly back to work or to daily tasks/errands. There will be very little redness. The brows are then healing aggressively over the next 10 days while they are using a thin layer of an ointment such as petroleum jelly to keep the brows protected.

Consumers are asking for this service on a regular basis, by name! The good news is that if you are already an esthetician or cosmetologist, microblading is a service that is completely complementary to your existing practice!  If you have a passion for brows, it just might be the right fit for your service menu!

On average across North America, you will see microblading offered for $350 to $600. It can most definitely be a lucrative service offering.

As mentioned, microblading is a form of tattoo (implanting color into the skin) and falls under permanent cosmetics. As such, it is a skill that requires in-depth knowledge and continual practice as you work to refine your artistry. A solid understanding of principals from brow mapping, skin conditions, color theory, specific technique, infection control and much more is needed for foundational understanding.

You should choose your microblading education very carefully. Not all microblading trainings are created equal. Research companies and individuals offering this training cautiously and make sure they offer support after class because that’s when learning really begins with this technique!

The ideal microblading student is dedicated, meticulous and knows that practice and patience will be necessary while developing the muscle memory and knowledge attached to microblading skill and artistry. Rushing into working on live skin immediately after class is not best practice.

*Check with your local State Board of Cosmetology and Department of Health for specific requirements on regulation.

If you would like to know more about microblading and find out if learning microblading might be a good choice for you, visit or send an email to

About Amber

Amber Arrington, Founder of Sassy Wink and Sassy Wink Academy, is a leading educator in the lash and brow industry, with nearly two decades of experience as a licensed Esthetician, Makeup Artist, and specialist in Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Cosmetics. She is also the Founder of NEESA (National Eyelash Education and Safety Association), the professional trade association organization dedicated to setting a global standard for the eyelash industry, bringing eyelash extension professionals and brands together from all over the world.

For the past 10 years, this magician of the eyes has practiced in the art of Professional Eyelash Extensions, which led her to establish NEESA in 2013. Amber is also the Co-Founder of Lash Wars, which debuted in 2014 as the first open call, non-brand-specific eyelash extension competition in North America. Taking place annually in Las Vegas, it completed 4 seasons, with contestants and judges flying in from around the globe! In 2016 and 2017, she was honored to be invited to judge in the Novalash "Lash Off" competition.

As a consultant for a leading international beauty company, Amber helps develop lash and brow brands. Also the owner of the Sassy Wink studio and training academy, she is a globally respected lash and brow educator who has taught courses within the International Beauty Show (IBS) in New York and Las Vegas. In addition, she served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Eye Lash Magazine.

Amber discovered microblading in 2013, instantly falling in love with this amazing technique of permanent makeup for brows! She began immediately studying the technique—also known as microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, 3D brows, 6D brows, floating brow, and many other names—and she hasn't stopped pursuing education on this remarkable art.

She has studied under some of Europe's leading eyelash masters, including world-renowned microblading artists Irina Levchuck of Lash and Brow Academy in Moscow, Russia, and Branko Babic of Phi Brows from Serbia. Passionate about continuing education, Amber has also studied with Karen Holvey CPCP of the Huntington Academy, attending her intensive 7-day Permanent Makeup course in April 2016 at Huntington Beach. She has also taken in-depth courses on color theory in the art of permanent makeup, including the "ColorPro" Color Theory Course presented by Marjorie Grimm CPCP in November 2015 and the "Tattooing Living Color" Color Theory course by Teryn Darling CPCP of Girlz Ink in October 2016.

Born and raised in Arizona, Amber Arrington began her career as an aesthetician serving as makeup artist for leading retailers, including Merle Norman Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret Beauty, and Christian Dior. Beauty has always been her fascination and passion. From the moment she was allowed to wear makeup as a child, she began finding friends to put makeup on them—and she's been doing it ever since in one form or another…to the delight of all!

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