The Importance of Attending Tradeshows

By: By Mizzee Hudson, Student Program Coordinator for Premiere Show Group

The beauty industry is dynamic and fast-moving. In order to be competitive in your career, you need to keep up. A great way to stay ahead of the curve is attending tradeshows regularly. Here are five reasons that attending tradeshows is an important habit to get into as a student and continue even as a seasoned pro:


1. You should never stop learning. When you are in beauty school, your instructors are tasked with immersing you in an environment where you can try your wings, make mistakes, and grow over time. After graduation, that responsibility falls to you. With the demands of life, this can be easier said than done. Trade shows, however, are a great place to take a weekend to educate yourself or just get a refresher course on a topic you struggle with.


2. Stay on top of the trends. Trends and styles quickly careen into popularity and just as quickly fall out of favor. To keep abreast of where the industry is going, you need to get out of the shop and see what people are creating. At tradeshows, you will interact face-to-face with manufacturers launching new products, industry leaders, and artists like yourself. Tradeshows allow you to see, smell, and touch the flow of the industry.


3. Beauty is variable. In an increasingly diverse world there is no longer any single standard of beauty. Exposing yourself to styles and trends outside of your comfort zone will help you to stay well rounded and increase clientele. Attending tradeshows is a low risk way to expose yourself to new things.


4. It’s all about who knows you. Contrary to the popular maxim, it’s truly all about who knows you. There are hiring managers looking to fill positions that would be perfect for you. There are entrepreneurs looking for a business partner to complement their strengths. There are mentors looking for someone to take under their wing. However, if no one knows who you are then opportunities are worse than missed, they don’t exist. Tradeshows are a golden opportunity to meet, network and connect with like-minded professionals who you know are committed to their art and career.


5. Rekindle the passion. Even doing something you love can cause burn out. As a professional you create the looks that clients ask for. After a while, this can make you feel like Picasso painting by number. Attending a tradeshow can help connect you with your roots and help remind you why you fell in love with the beauty industry in the first place.

Premiere Show Group organizes four tradeshows for the beauty industry in the cities of Orlando FL, Philadelphia PA, Columbus OH and Birmingham AL. We pride ourselves on providing the best education in the industry and working with the leading companies in the industry. For more information visit us at

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