The Importance of Being Open and Authentic

By: Rachel Carpenter

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One aspect of openness for you to consider is the ability openness has to create authenticity in a person. Being authentic is very important to your friendships, your career, and how you are seen in the world. Being authentic is being unapologetically yourself. This type of openness gives people a better understanding of who you are, why you pursue the things that you pursue, and your values. This is important in creating a good work environment or to have relationships rooted in openness.


Feeling a little confused on how to achieve this? Let’s look below! 


  1. Finding Out Who You Are


Finding out more about ourselves is not an easy task. But it is very rewarding! To discover what aspects of yourself that you aren’t comfortable sharing with others, you must really evaluate yourself and compare and contrast your thoughts with your actions and words. Seeing how different they are can show you how different your thoughts and inner self are from what you show the world. Learning to be more authentic about who YOU are with your peers and colleagues is developing openness! 


  1. Look at the Different Parts


Looking at different aspects of your life, it’s important to nail down the groups of people you tend to associate together and the differences in how you carry yourself around each group. For example, if you practice a religion, the way you allow your religious peers to perceive you may be much different than how you carry yourself around colleagues. We need to work on nailing down the things that we change about ourselves depending on the group we’re with and why. Maybe it’s something reactive, like the way we respond to a situation or deal with a friend’s emotions. Every situation or person is different and it’s okay to respond differently. But what you shouldn’t change are the fundamentals or your value system. For example, if you are considerably more gossip-y around a specific group, and that’s not who you are, you must evaluate why you feel compelled to act this way. Being authentic is being open with every person- and not acting differently based on the group you’re with. 


  1. Don’t Get Discouraged


This can be a long process. For some it may take a few weeks, for others months, for some years, and for a few a whole lifetime. Don’t feel as though you have to get it all figured out before work in the morning! These are just ways to challenge yourself to be more open and more yourself. It’s changing your thought patterns to promote authenticity and positivity with who you are, rather than changing yourself to fit the situation. Though it may seem like a heavy task, it’s one that is rewarding and no matter how long the process is, every day is valuable! 

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