The Ingredients of Achieving

By: Rachel Carpenter

Achievement — Week 1 (November)


What exactly is achievement?

Achievement is defined as “a thing done successfully, typically

by effort, courage, or skill.” Wouldn’t you like this “thing” to be your career? Wouldn’t you like to

go into your job every single day with the effort, courage, and skill to do great things? Here’s the tea: you CAN.


Think about these three qualities: effort, courage, and skill.

All of these traits are ones that you can control.

Effort is how hard you work to achieve.

Courage is your bravery in pursuing success.

Skill is the physical aspect of being a stylist, that you have learned and can practice.

Since everyone can control all of the things that combine to make achievement, can’t you attain it for yourself?

That’s the idea I’m getting at. We’re going to individually look at all of these qualities, as well as practices and habits that will integrate them into your job and lifestyle so you can up your achievement game.



Effort is your inner drive. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. Effort is the time and work you’re willing to put into your goal. If your goal is being a good stylist, the effort would be the hours you spend practicing your craft. It would be going the extra mile for your clients’ requests, not because you have to, but because you know it will take your career to the next level. It’s what gets you on the job in the early hours and what keeps you up late at night.


How to Practice Effort?

  • Get an early start on the day — those that practice effort don’t sleep through the time they could spend doing something productive
  • Don’t quit when things get difficult — A hard day at work or a rough time with a client isn’t an excuse to let go. Those practicing effort use the hard times to better prepare them for what is to come.
  • Get out of your comfort zone — doing new things takes effort. Staying stationary and never implementing new techniques or styles is easy (and boring). By pushing outside your comfort zone, you are putting in the effort to be different from the rest.



Courage is what pushes you, even if you’re scared of being pushed. It’s making the jump despite how scared you may be of the consequences. Maybe it’s moving to a new salon, or taking a higher-paying position? Such good things never come without a certain level of fear.

Having the courage to move past your fears for hopes of what may be in your future is a characteristic of achievers. Every risk you take may not work out for the better— but imagine where you would be if you never took any risk at all.

How to Practice Courage?

  • Name what Scares you — by knowing what it is that you’re afraid of, you can gain perspective on how rational the fear really is. In your mind, they seem huge. But written down, you realize that they are no bigger than anything else you’ve faced.
  • Be Spontaneous — living by plans is great. But having the courage to work and act outside of the status quo is a practice of courage. Not everything in life and in your career can be easily mapped out. As I said before, no good things come without a little bit of risk. By trying to force yourself down a pre-determined path, you may be ignoring the shortcuts. Live in the moment and consider the opportunities sent your way- no matter how unexpected they may be!



Skill is the work you do on your clients. It’s what you went to beauty school for.

It’s everything that made you want to go into the beauty industry. Your skill is something that can constantly be perfected and honed.

Skill is what brings clients. Your skillset must match what the clients want.

You may be a great stylist, but if your areas of expertise are limited, clients will often begin to look elsewhere.


How to Practice Skill?

  • For one, PRACTICE! —nothing will make you a better stylist than experience. Practicing the same skills over and over again until you get them perfect may seem monotonous. But when your client walks out of the salon absolutely thrilled because you perfectly captured what he or she wanted, the hard work will have been worth it. 
  • Stay Up to Date — keep up with the trends and styles. They’re called trends for a reason: a lot of people like it. Having a diverse and updated skill-set will keep people coming to you, especially the younger generation. By obtaining clients when they’re younger and staying updated on your capabilities, you may be getting a client for the span of your career!


All of these different traits are what we like to call the “recipe for success”. Practice these habits and make these traits a priority in your life, and you will be well on your way to achievement!


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