The Mindset for the Beauty & Wellness Industry with Monet Colbert

By: Monet Colbert

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It is rightly said that life is based on the effort and return phenomenon. People make efforts and reap the returns that they get in the form of outcomes of the efforts they put in. However, there are times when people put in lots of efforts, yet do not get the desired results.

This is often due to the mindset and attitude they have. No matter which industry you work in, it is important to have a mindset of being successful. Simply put, the mindset can be termed as a pathway to success. It helps us to break the shackles that we have unknowingly set around us. It is important to get rid of them to grow as a professional and a positive mindset helps to do exactly the same. 

Speaking specifically about the beauty and wellness industry, one of the major factors of having a successful career, apart from craft, knowledge, and experience, is to have a positive attitude. Having the right attitude exudes confidence, self-assurance, and panache not to mention likability. Thus, it is safe to say that, when it comes to the beauty industry, attitude and mindset play important roles.

As an expert in my field, I believe that in order to reach successful levels in the beauty and wellness industry, the first requirement you should meet is to have is winning attitude. This particular industry thrives on creativity and continuous learning. The practices in the beauty and wellness industry keep evolving. New trends are always emerging. Thus, a beauty professional, if they do not have a grip on the advanced practices or the latest trends, surviving in this industry can prove to be a daunting process.

The right attitude and mindset encourage you to learn and adapt to change, survive the cutthroat competition, and be on top of your game. Even if you are new in this industry, the right mindset can help you put your feet firmly in the right place.

Without a positive attitude and a mindset, your career in any field is going to be directionless. Even if you have set goals for yourself, it will become difficult for you to achieve them. The attitude to learn, grow, and become successful are driving forces needed to help you stand apart from the crowd and create a flourishing career. When it comes to the beauty and wellness industry, having a winner’s mindset will help elevate your creativity to its best and learn more advanced skills, which are required for you to grow as a professional and serve your clients in the most efficient way. 

In the end, the right attitude can take you places that you could only imagine. You just need to have a mindset and willingness to learn and grow, and there you will be met with minimal obstacles while creating the successful career path you desire in the industry. 

About the author: 

Monet Colbert is an entrepreneur and beauty professional with the passion to help others find their destiny in the beauty industry. As a former educator for the L'Oreal brands, Redken & Pureology, makeup artist, hair stylist, fitness competitor, model, writer, actress, wife, and mother of two, Monet packs an entrepreneurial punch to the beauty business as a brand strategist. 

Her career in the cosmetology industry has made her an expert in hair care and makeup. Her journey up the ladder gave birth to her motivational book, “Shear Destiny.” She has also created her own cosmetics line called “Shades of Monet,” which represents all the shades of the color palette that we experience in life's journey. Monet believes that it's a natural part of the cosmetology industry to focus on external beauty. However, Monet shows how determination, persistence, and faith can be a testament to how beauty can really be defined from the inside out. 

Focused on creating a motivational brand with purpose, not just profits, Monet's mission is to use her brands, social markets, and relationships to bring awareness to human trafficking, a subject matter that’s close to her heart. Full of life, determination, and passion, these are the many Shades of Monet. The question is... which Shades of Monet are you?

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