The Secrets of a True Scholar

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The Secrets Of A True Scholar

You often hear words such as 'every mistake you make is a lesson learned' or 'the learning never ends'. Have you ever given these phrases a second thought? Isn't it true that when you make a mistake, you learn that you should not repeat the same blunder?

As an infant, while figuring out how to walk, you fall. With every fall, you learn how not to walk and slowly master the skill. You can be whatever you want to be in life if you believe that learning never ends.

Can I become a scholar?

Nobody is born smart; life’s lessons make people bright. They become intelligent by being curious, accepting that they do not know everything, and inquiring when they are unaware of the answer. But being smart and being a scholar are two different things. 

Have you ever wondered what a scholar is? Many say that this is a person who academically specializes in a particular branch of study… but is that correct? 

If academics alone defines a person as a scholar, then the earth would be filled with scholars. A scholar indeed specializes in a particular branch of study, but he or she isn't made up of academics alone. 

Your experiences, mistakes, and lessons help you to develop your skills. You begin to think like a scholar when you decide to face your troubles instead of giving up.

What skills are necessary to be a scholar?

To become a scholar, you need to have a scholarly mindset. This is gained when one accepts that they need help, decide to learn from their mistakes and keep advancing, despite what may come. 

As for skills, everyone is born with the ability to develop scholarly qualities, but they fail to recognize them. The skills required to become a scholar are common to each branch. 

  • Memory: Memory comes naturally to those who understand what they are trying to learn. You do not need any special talents to improve your memory. 
  • Reading: To be a scholar in a particular branch, you must be able to read so that you can fly through the materials that help you improve your knowledge. 
  • Writing: What an academy fails to teach, life does. It is always best to document what you have acquired. To be a scholar, it is essential to document your missteps and learn from them.
  • Speaking: Being curious and asking questions are important traits that one should possess to be a scholar. You cannot find the answer to everything on the internet, so you must be able to speak to others and gain valuable insights from their experiences.
  • Empathy: How can you be a scholar if you fail to connect with people? As a scholar, the most crucial aspect is empathy. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another is often how we share life experiences, recognize the error in our ways, and grow as an individual. 

What is the secret of a scholar?

You may have the skills and determination to be a scholar, and you may have decided your branch of specialization too. But do you know the secret to becoming a scholar? There are several secrets mentioned below to help you in this endeavor:

  • Be curious and don't hesitate to question
  • Get into the scholar mindset
  • Learn outside of the system
  • Find a good school and college
  • Find your path and stick to it.

These secrets, though, can only take you so far without one very important principle. You might have been in the fashion industry for decades but getting nowhere. Or you may be a lifestyle specialist and yet failing to make the right lifestyle choices for yourself. One must remember that to be a scholar in any field, be it medicine, physics, anthropology, or beauty, you certainly must to know one secret. The most important component of a true scholar is the belief that "learning never ends!"

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