Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset- Be Concientious With It!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the tiny things that you do in a day? Not the big ones, like appointments or taking your kids to school- but the little ones! The few seconds you take to grab a piece of gum or write down a note for yourself that you will need later... These are mere seconds of your day- but all together they take up a pretty big part! What I want to talk about today is being conscientious with those little activities! We talked last week about what it means to be conscientious- to be detailed, precise, well-thought-out, etc, etc. By making an effort to be conscientious with the little things, you are valuing every second of your day and using it as your most valuable asset! 


But this is much easier said than done! How do we accomplish this you might ask? Here are a few tips to being conscientious with your time and valuing every second of your day- and NOT just the moments that seem much bigger. Because in the grand scheme of life, what makes any second more important than another?


1. Use Your Time for Organization

  • By taking a few moments every day to write down your plans and take note of the things you want to remember later, you are valuing your own time! You won’t be scrambling to remember things in the future because you took the time in the past to do these things for yourself! Whenever your kids are having a bake sale at school, write it down! Whenever your partner needs you to give them a ride to the airport, write it down! Whenever a friend needs you to help them move out of their apartment, write it down! So when you look at your calendar a few days later and a client is asking to make an appointment- you never have to worry about double-booking! By being conscientious with the little spaces of time you have every day, you can save those few seconds in the future!


2. Use Your Time for Self-Care

  • Taking some time every day for your own self-betterment is SO important. Every time you take a look in the mirror while washing your hands between appointments or taking a glance while working on a client- affirm yourself! Take the time to think of one thing you like about yourself and use it. It only takes a few seconds to think of something nice- and it can really brighten your outlook on life and the world around you. Take the time to do nice things for yourself. If you like gum or a certain drink, take the time in the morning to stop and buy it for yourself. Yes, it requires waking up a few minutes earlier or taking the time to do it on your ride home- but by being conscientious with your time you have these moments to show yourself the love and care you deserve!


3. Use Your Time to Grow Yourself

  • Think of all the time we spend a day scrolling through our feeds or just mindlessly looking through sites we’ve been on a thousand times. Kick this time to the curb! Cut down your screen time to teach yourself something new. Watch a video on a trick you’ve always wanted to learn! Or read a few articles on a political topic you’re interested in! These may seem like real time-wasters but when we think of all the time we waste, it’s really not that much! By being conscientious with the amount of time we spend on social media or other outlets, we can use our saved time to learn new things!

Being conscientious with time can save you time and utilize it for better things! Using it for self-care, for organization, and to grow yourself are just a few examples of how to be conscientious with your time and value the time we have!

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