Time Management with Adam Tran, Celebrity Nail Artist

By: Adam Tran, www.adamtran.com

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Time is precious and valuable. It’s something that we are all given as a gift of life.  How we use it and how we manage it will determine our success and our achievements or our failures. Managing time isn’t that difficult these days with all of the technology available. It’s up to us and the value we place on our time. Because there is only so much time granted in life, it is important for successful entrepreneurs to prioritize responsibilities and personal enjoyment.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Time is money.”  Well, inside the nail salon that saying is more than a phase; it's a fact of the business. If you don’t manage your time correctly you will not manage your appointments correctly. An artist can easily fall behind.  The simple mismanagement of client appointments coupled with “no-shows” can throw a schedule out of whack and create a decrease in your profits. Now can you see how time management is important to us all?


We can easily manage our time even with the simple device that we carry every day with us and now can’t live without. Our smartphones have many apps that allow us to manage our time. From our calendar to our notes and reminders, it’s up to us to use these applications and start first by managing our own time.


We only have so much time in our life.  Manage it correctly to find success and to enjoy everything that you want to do. Start with prioritizing what is most important to you. I wish you all the luck and success in achieving what you are looking for.

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About Adam: 

Adam Tran's passion for nail art began in 1985 where he spent his childhood running around his parents' nail salon, Family Nails, in Huntington Beach, California. Throughout his formative years, he spent his time perfecting the craft. He's adorned such clients as Keisha Cole, the Braxton sisters, various Playboy Playmates, and reality TV entourages.

Settled in Southern California, Adam now spends his time traveling the country, teaching, and sharing his skills with other industry professionals. He works continuously to develop new products that help to advance the industry.

From the conservative corporate world to the extravagant Hollywood nights, Adam believes that everyone has their own unique style and he is committed to inspiring self-expression in everyone.

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