View Yourself as your BIGGEST Competitor!

By: Rachel Carpenter

This month we are all over one word: competitiveness. Competitiveness is so important to one’s career- healthy competitiveness that is! And the first aspect of being competitive in your industry is to be competitive with yourself. Spend every single day working to be better than the stylist, technician, or student you were yesterday. By keeping up this competitiveness within, you are improving externally, such as in your career or even just in life!


But how do we become competitive with ourselves? It’s easy to feel like the real competition is with those on the outside. But being competitive in the job market can’t happen unless you are working to constantly improve your skills to match the industry. Here are a few tips to keeping inner competitiveness in perspective and in your grasp!:

  1. Keep a Growth Mindset
  • Keeping a growth mindset allows you to look at every day as though it is an opportunity to grow yourself and your career. This growth mindset helps to better yourself and staying determined towards your goals to make them feel more within reach. A growth mindset is really just a positive attitude and willingness to work towards what you dream of achieving- rather than staying still and waiting for success to fall in your lap!
  1. Do Small Things Every-Day (and Write it Down!)
  • Keep a progress journal! Write down the little things that you are doing each day to stay competitive and improve yourself. Write down any success you may have in pursuing your goals. Maybe you learned a new skill, or were promoted in your salon! Or maybe you’re only a few weeks away from graduation and excited to get out into the industry! Regardless of what it is, you need to document it. Having these pieces of joy and testaments of how hard you worked make it so much harder to give up. Staying competitive and realizing how far you’ve come and knowing not to turn back!
  1. Focus on Yourself
  • You may see others having a great deal of success. It might cause a little bit of envy to come out. Or maybe you just did something great and everyone else is jealous of you… No matter the situation, it’s always better to focus on yourself and how to be competitive within before thinking about those on the outside. This keeps the path to your goals much clearer. By focusing on yourself, you won’t get distracted by others and their accomplishments! Be happy for them and move on- advancing in your career is all about YOU!

These few tips are great ways to keep competitiveness in perspective and focus on your journey! Getting out into the industry can be really scary. It’s hard to know if everything you learned is good enough. But staying competitive with yourself and determined to better yourself as a stylist and person melts these fears!

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