What is Career Management?

By: Rachel Carpenter

What is Career Management? Career management seems like a pretty self-explanatory term; after all, it’s just managing one’s career! Though it seems simple, a great deal goes into that process. Work life can get messy, as any part of life can get pretty messy. We may not have it all figured out or even really know what direction we want to go in. But keeping career management at front of mind is beneficial, throughout even the most chaotic of situations. 

Career management is defined as a life-long process of investing resources to accomplish your future career goals. But what resources are we talking about here? Time, monetary, and emotional investment are all important components of career management. See more on why below!

  Time Investment 

Investing time into your career is necessary to accomplish your goals. The time you put into your LinkedIn page, developing a new skill set, pursuing an education or networking with other individuals is so important to your growth. Making a new connection online or in your community can bring you to opportunities that you may not have had otherwise- all because you took the time to attend an event for local beauty professionals. Taking time to get certified in your career path will lead to a better customer base and make you a more qualified and competitive professional. Though it may seem trivial, every second you spend on your career makes you better than you were the second before!

  Monetary Investment

Investing money into your career can be really important as well. Sometimes it can be moving to a town with more opportunities. Often moving somewhere that has more infrastructure or a better customer base for your area of work can come with a higher cost of living and moving expenses. It may seem like a lot to give up front, but when your career has taken off and you are getting more clients than you ever thought possible, that money will seem so small. It can mean getting an education. Going to school can be expensive, but as we talked about before, the benefits often outweigh the costs. With your career, it’s all about the give and take. To take, you must give. Money is one of the things that we can’t avoid in life- but if we are willing to spend it positively, it can really help our quality of life and career management. 

  Emotional Investment

One of the most important parts of career management is investing emotionally. This means giving more to your career than just the surface-level. Often when we don’t care about our life at work, it can take a turn for the worse. If apathetic, there would be no incentive to make a change. No one wants to be stuck in a toxic work-place environment. Choosing something that you’re passionate about can help you to emotionally invest. Maybe you love doing hair and working at a hair salon would be your dream career. Pursuing this, rather than settling for something you’re not as interested in, can help you towards your goals and a better work experience. 

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