What Motivates Hair Dressers?

By: Stevie English

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As salon owners, I'm sure you want to know.  Our founder recently came across an article that answers this question and liked it so much she wanted to share it with you.  Here's a list of 5 things that stylists want, and a link back to the ProHairStylist website so you can learn more from them.

1. Thanks! Thanks for staying back, thanks for coming in early, thanks for working hard! Just general acknowledgement. A simple ‘thankyou’ can often be forgotten, but goes a long way to creating the salon culture I mentioned earlier, and can make a long, busy day seem worthwhile and appreciated. I was not surprised by this but I was surprised that it came on the top of everybody’s list. We all want praise and thanks .

2.Training – We have a young, cool group of kids who would like to improve their skills, so it came up that offering additional training would motivate them in their daily work. Things like courses from HairExpo, who now do gift cards, for Christmas, or guest stylist to come in during regular salon training. Basically the feedback was: if I offered some of my staff the chance to do extra work to improve their skills they would jump at it, and work harder- I love it!

3. Photoshoots- The chance to enter a collection in one of the prestigious competitions was a big deal for all of my staff. Even the chance to assist some of the senior members of staff on a shoot was enough for some of the junior team members. So again, more work! I love the way hairdressers think and i encourage it ! I know one business owner who runs a competition based on KPIs and other goals, and the prize is a photographic shoot. The comp runs for three or more months, and the results in the salon are pretty impressive. Hairdressers are motivated by creative outlets, and styling and directing your own shoot is as good as it gets.

4. Days off- I had one of my team members suggest that they would like a day off for doing well. Not as a part of their leave or sick entitlements, just an extra day. I don’t have any problem with that as long as it’s earned and it’s at a suitable time. I prefer other incentives, but I am open to all suggestions.

5. Incentives – Money was mentioned, but so were vouchers like cinema tickets, David Jones vouchers, products and booze. I know a friend who owns a salon, and he offered staff the chance to win a Mac! Now that would motivate me, but you have to make it work for you, and your staff.

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